Bored, bored, bored…

1 nice day outside for everyone else + being “on call” for the Retail Empire this weekend = 1 bored Erik

I’m bored…

I don’t like to ink when I’m on call. It never fails: I get started on a tattoo then the pager goes off and I have to stop. How would you like to be on the receiving end of the tattoo machine when that happens? I wouldn’t want to be, and I don’t want to subject that on any client.

I know I should be doing something artistic (like drawing) but for whatever reason I am not in the mood. Does that make me moody? And being bored is extremely dangerous for me. As proof I submit a picture of the floor I took:

Ugly carpet.

I swear it was an accidental picture….

And since it’s not really a good idea to look at porn online while I’m here at the tattoo shop, I guess I’ll just have to behave myself. At least there are all these blogs out here to read.

Until next time...

13 thoughts on “Bored, bored, bored…

  1. Please forgive me for sounding too forward when I say that you look adorable, sir.

    Also, yes, I would not like for my artist to stop mid-ink. It takes enough out of me to sit down for an inking once a year. Heaven forbid the experience be stretched over two sessions.

    I’m-a sorry you’re bored.

  2. Erik’s totally adorable, don’t you mean, Ron? And those glasses! I don’t know whether to merely covet them or want them to sometime make an appearance on my bedside table.

  3. You should just offer discounts to ISD people on days you are on pager with the expectation that if you get paged you will have to stop. They would understand and you could potentially be busy all day with the little discount deal going on.

  4. speaking of ink – i’m psyched – got a call from my artist this week – he annoyingly relocated to la 85% through my sleeve… he called to plan a trip back to minneapolis to finish my sleeve + he told me not to sweat the $$ as i’ve paid him more than enough.

    way happy.

    love your ink tho (i think i’ve said that before).

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