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The Obama’s Do What?

Wow… They do WHAT?

…we also need to be affectionate and you can see that with Barack and Michelle as well. They do a lot of touching, kissing, even fisting with one another. And when they kiss one another—if you notice—they actually look at one another and kiss each other on the lips. And that is so very important because couples really need to feel like they are physically bonded to one another…

Who’d have thought….

From Adult Christianity.

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End of an era

… and I’m not talking about all the political changes as of late.

I’m talking about something that has been there beside me in bed for the last 16 years.

Tonight, my (mostly) faithful alarm clock that I’ve had since I was a Sophomore in college decided to give up the ghost.


Well, I guess technically I “put it down”.

For the last week or so, it has failed to function properly. When the alarm is supposed to go off to rouse me out of my slumber, it resets itself to a flashing 12:00 and doesn’t make a sound.

That’s a bad thing when you don’t naturally wake up at 5:47 five days a week.

dead alarm clock

It is now time to find something new that will jolt me out of my slumber.


Oh, and no, I didn’t leave it in the trash. That was for dramatic effect. I added it to the pile of stuff going to the electronics recycling center.

(BONUS ROUND: My remaining 10 gay points go to the person who correctly guesses the logo on the T-shirt I am wearing. And no—neither I or the Husbear own one… the shirt was a give-away at Decadence.)

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I’d buy that… but what was it?

I’m not sure why I live for stuff like this… maybe it’s the sociologist in me that likes to watch how people react to odd happenings over which they have no “control”.

A tip of the hat to T Town Tommy for this one….

Update: Oh yeah, I’m feeling mostly better. I’m still coughing and snorting, but I feel better than I did last week… mostly.

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Abort! Abort!

I found this extremely funny:


For some reason I mentally set this up as a piece of fabric that was attached to a spinning ceiling fan. The cat decided to play catch.

I feel like that on many occasions….

I’ve been sick since Sunday (it started Saturday, actually). I went to work Monday, but have been out since then. I feel a little bit better today than I have, so I guess that’s a good sign.


I feel like someone stuck a bottle brush down my throat and had their way with it.

And not in a good way.

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