Monthly Archives: October 2012

Day One: Five States

The Husbear and I left the ol’ ponderosa this morning and started our road trip to our daughter’s wedding in Las Vegas.

We ventured through five states, but mostly all Kansas, and stopped for the night in Lamar, Colorado after about 600 miles of driving.


The first stop we made was in the middle of BFE when the Husbear decides he needed to go urinate. He’s country like that.


Kansas is mostly a big-ass flat state. About the nicest thing we saw in Kansas was the sun setting.


And then there was a few hours of this.


And a smell. A horrible, horrible smell. Apparently there are a lot of cattle rendering plants in SW Kansas. And everything smells putrid.

We gained an hour somewhere in Kansas near Colorado, which is nice.

Tomorrow we will be heading deeper into Colorado doing some sightseeing, and meeting bloggers Mark of Voenix Rising and his partner Ben, as well as an old friend who used to live in NW Arkansas.

I’m tired from driving all day. Time for bed.

Until next time...