Monthly Archives: October 2012

Small Blog Change

As some of you might have noticed if you subscribe to my RSS feed, I re-inserted the RSS feeds for my Adlibbed and Instapooped posts back into my normal RSS feed. Previously they were excluded from my normal RSS feed, so they only way you would see them was if you came to my actual blog directly, or subscribed to those feeds individually.

Not sure why, other than I did.

If it becomes a bit much, I hope y’all will tell me.

Until next time...


My apologies for all the picture posts as of late. It’s just easier for me to take a picture to express a moment than it is for me to write it down.

Not much really going on. Haven’t really had much gumption as of late. Just day-to-day stuff:

Fixed the dishwasher that’s been broken for a few months. We gave up on it and were saving up to just replace it. But I took one last crack at it and took the thing apart, then reassembled it. I really don’t know what was wrong with it, but it worked again once I put it back together.

Still trying to finalize the travel details for our drive out to Las Vegas for our oldest daughter’s wedding. Considering we leave next Sunday, I should probably get cracking on that.

I started watching the show “Breaking Bad”. I am only on season 1 still, but I’ve loved the situational aspect of it, as well as the science.

I am behind on some blog reading. I’m working on catching up. But my brain doesn’t seem to want to stay focused.

Hopefully I’ll get some gumption soon.

Until next time...