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Hi-Fi Friday: January 29, 2016

I guess I kind of picked out the music theme for the month. Hopefully Blobby agrees with it. At some point in a previous discussion, he brought up the idea of popular artists doing old timey music. I love old timey music. Well, I guess it depends on who is defining old timey music. Or if you’re a Doctor Who fan, old timey wimey music. I enjoy listening to music from the 1920s to the 1950s. To me that’s old timey music. So I’ll be focusing on songs by modern artists who have more-or-less either covered or been inspired by a song from that time zone. Hopefully Blobby will be able to run with this. Hopefully I will as well.

This category ended up being WAYYYYYYYYYYY more difficult than I imagined for me. I think mostly because I don’t have as many popular artists doing one-off old timey songs as much as I do artists who do all old timey songs. So I’ve been racking my brain trying to find entries.

This one might be reaching a little. Might.

It definitely has that old timey sound to it. In the burlesque fashion. Which I’m all about. Except maybe that movie of the same name. *shudder*

And this from a punk band.

Most fans of the band at the time HATED this song. Because it wasn’t anything like what they was known for.

From Green Day’s 2000 album “Warning”, I give you “Misery”:

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Bad Waze! Bad!

I don’t know if anyone else uses Waze or not, but I do. A lot.

Lately, my iPhone has been eating battery. All because of Waze. Location services would remain on, all the time, even if I put the app to sleep, or killed it entirely.

It took me a bit, but I finally found the setting that was causing the battery drain.

There’s a setting called “Location Reporting” that was triggering the drain. I don’t know if this is a new setting, or one of those that was triggered to “on” in a recent update. But it was on, and I know I didn’t set it that way.

Location Reporting eats juice.
Location Reporting eats juice.

If you turn it off the battery drain stops, as it disables location services being on constantly when the app is not in use.

I’m just putting this out there in case anyone else is having the same issue.

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Water closet

Having been fairly incapacitated for the last month due to the molar incident and a bad case of food poisoning, I started working on the trim and paneling in the bathroom today. Specifically in the water closet.

Our original idea was to tile up the walls about 4′, in the style of turn-of-the-century (well, the previous century) bathhouses. Sadly, the hexagon tile we wanted was extremely cost-prohibitive. (We were going to use the same hexagon tile on the floor originally as well.)

So we started looking at other options. We both like the look of Craftsman-style trim. While our home isn’t a Craftsman, the insides share some similarities. And again, we like the look.

Window trim and wall paneling...
Window trim and wall paneling…

As I was cutting and installing the panels and trim, the Husbear said he thinks we should do a few other rooms in the house like this. I really hope he’s joking… but I think he’s not.

I hope to finish getting the trim in the water closet area cut and installed tomorrow. Then comes the puttying and caulking and painting.

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