A Day In My Life, 629 Days Later…

629 days ago, this is what a day in my life was like. Things have definitely changed since then! 225 days ago (June 24, 2009) I left the security of my salaried job to become a full-time, self-employed tattooist.

Your blog host with the most. Most what? I’m not sure…

Now my “typical” day is as follows:

I wake up when I want, without an alarm clock, which is usually around 9:30 AM. (Although the Husbear always kisses me goodbye as he heads off to work around 7:30.) I usually do some paperwork or other chores around the house before I get ready to go to the tattoo studio. I usually get there about 11:30 or so, clean, and prepare for the day.

Insert sitting for 7 to 10 hours here: doodling, tattooing, cleaning tools, surfing the web, etc.

After the tattoo studio, I head home. Usually between 8 or 10 PM, and sometimes much later depending on the day.

I sit around with the Husbear for a little bit before he goes to bed around 10:30 PM. After which point I usually play on the computer until I go to bed around 1 AM.

Seemingly more simplified than before.

My body has “normalized” to being awake for that schedule, but I really need to retrain myself so I go to sleep when the Husbear does. I miss that.

The weirdest part is being off on Sundays and Mondays. It makes it difficult to do anything with any friends who have the “normal” Monday-through-Friday jobs. Not that I really ever did a lot with anyone to begin with anyway. And I do have the same days off as the Husbear, so that’s nice we get to spend time together.

Until next time...

10 thoughts on “A Day In My Life, 629 Days Later…

  1. You’ve got me rolling around ideas for tattoo number 2.

    I admire you for taking the leap. Change isn’t easy. I stayed at a miserable job for years longer than a sane person should have – I think it wore away a little too much of my humanity and compassion. Since taking my own leap, life is 100x’s better and I kick myself for not doing so… years ago.

    1. Congrats on taking the leap as well. Once you get to the other side, it’s hard to not look back and think, “I should have done this years ago.” And no matter how many people tell you that it’s better on the other side, until you get there, you just don’t know.

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