A Day in My Life…

I was asked what a typical day is like for me.

Wow. Have you ever actually sat down and tried to figure out what was “typical”?

Let’s see…

5:50 AM: The alarm goes off. As of the last few weeks, I have started either using the snooze button, or just shutting the damned thing off and not getting out of bed.

Somewhere between 5:51 AM and 6:30 AM: The husbear prods me and asks if I’m going to get up. At which point I usually do.

I drag my butt to the bathroom and have a hot shower. But not too long—we have a shallow, hand dug well, so long showers are a luxury for trips out of town.

I get out of the shower and get dressed in the bathroom with the clothes I have hung in the bathroom the night before. (Yes, I hang my clothes out the night before!)

I wander downstairs and head for the kitchen for a nice glass of Diet something. Nothing like a slight jolt of caffeine to help get me started.

I wander from the kitchen to my computer, at which point I plant my butt in front of it and check my email, and some of my favorite bloggers sites.

6:30 AM: The husbear’s alarm goes off and I can hear him stumble out of bed and down the stairs.

6:45 AM: I kiss the husbear goodbye for the day, head out the door, get in my truck, and head out for the day job at the Great Retail Empire.

It’s at this point that I sometimes go to the bank to make a bank deposit for the business (our salon and our tattoo studio). I sometimes go to Sonic for 44 ounces of caffeinated happiness.

I somehow make it the 8 miles from the house to the parking lot of the IS building for the Great Retail Empire.

7:10-ish: I sit in the truck wishing like hell I didn’t have to go in. Sadly, I do.

Between 7:10-ish AM and 5:30-ish PM: Lots of shit happens that I’m sure the Great Retail Empire would like for me to not talk about online. But oh well. The team of 16 or so that I am on supports roughly 250,000 Windows workstations globally. That tends to keep us busy. We also are working on all sorts of other projects too, such as virtualization and better methods of OS deployment.

I have no real reason as to why I’m putting the following pictures here, other than for your amusement. Comment as you will…

My first “5 Years” anniversary picture… what the hell? (Taken in 1999)

My next “5 Years” picture (Taken in 2006)

During the day I text my buddy on-and-off for most of the day. And the husbear too.

5:30-ish PM: I leave the Great Retail Empire if I’m lucky enough to escape and drive to the tattoo studio. Sometimes I have an appointment or a walk-in, and sometimes not.

8:00 PM: Tattoo studio closes for the night, at which point I drive home. (Yes, I know it closes early for a tattoo studio, but this town rolls up for the night about the same time.)

Between 8:20-ish and 10:00-ish PM: I do paperwork for the shops, check my email, read my favorite bloggers, and maybe write one myself if I can think of something to actually write about. I also get my clothes out for the next morning and get ready for bed.

10:00-ish PM: I crawl into bed to start the sleep cycle.

Rinse, lather, repeat…

Somewhere in there I try to have a little fun. Somewhere….

Welcome to my life.

Until next time...

15 thoughts on “A Day in My Life…

  1. Sounds very similar to my day (but I don’t hang my clothes out the night before). And since I don’t have a husbear handy, there’s usually a good wank in there somewhere as well. Sometimes to one of your pictures. 🙂

  2. hey – maybe i’ve missed it somewhere on your links.. but can you send me a link to your tattoo shop’s site? i’d love to check it out.

    what i love about these day in the life posts is that they show we all more or less lead fairly mundane lives… life is, after all, not in the big momemnts, but rather what happens inbetween the big moments.

    i dug it (and i dug the new 5 year pic. woof! )

  3. @Alexander:
    It seems most of us do have a similar day-to-day living. And a good wank every now and then is healthy! And doctor recommended… he he he.

    Oh… and [blush]…

  4. @kyle:
    Sure thing. The tattoo shop address is http://www.odysseyartstudio.com.

    Exactly. There’s verse from one of the few musicals I have ever seen that I will never forget:

    Oh, if life were made of moments,
    Even now and then a bad one!
    But if life were only moments,
    Then you’d never know you had one.

    Everybody has all the day-to-day things we have to do to “survive” in this world. It’s all the small stuff in between that we hold onto though.

  5. That first picture says: “I’m an IT geek, and I know it.”

    That 2nd picture seems like the photog said “BIG UNCUT PENIS” right before he clicked the shutter, and you didn’t expect it.

  6. You look better now. After all the years at the “great retail empire” you still can smile for the picture.

  7. @Mike:
    Wow! Now that you said that, it sure does. I guess that explains the looks of most of the people in the building I work in. Can you imagine 2000 people who look like that?

    As for the second picture… I’m not sure what I was on that day.

    I drank the Kool-Aid that day, I think…

  8. You with the moustache in that older pic… hmmm. Cute, but also like you might be one of those “he was always a quiet neighbor… kept to himself. We NEVER thought he could do what he did!” types.

  9. i’m gonna have to go w the second pic too. but i sympathize….the 90’s were sometimes an awkward decade. and finally a smile! and dimples! damn cute.

  10. Yeah, 2006 Erik is cool, 1994 Erik… well… Did I mention 2006 Erik was cool? Also, of all the things that have scarred me over the past few years I think the comments in this thread have far exceeded anything I have heard or seen to date, even beats the cottage cheese. No one take offense to that, it’s a work thing.

    On another totally separate note, I just realized scarred had two r’s. I suck at English.

  11. @cb:
    I keep telling people I’m that kind of person, but no one takes me seriously…

    And yes, in my mind they have. Well, I’m not really one to talk about style. I wear mismatched socks…

    Yes, the 90’s were odd… but I think today really isn’t much better.

    I try to smile in pictures, but most of the time my tongue is sticking out…

    The 2006 Erik model is a lot cooler than the 1994 model was. Barely, but that’s still better.

    See, now you’re going to make me have to expound upon the whole “cottage cheese” incident.

  12. I thought you actually looked really good back then and even better now. You really are very handsome buddy. How the hell have I not discovered your blog before now

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