7 thoughts on “Are you Pondering what I’m Pondering?

  1. that is a lovely photo. It contains thought but nothing specific enough to allow me to think all sorts of whatifs – and then let me look at my what ifs.
    A sort of gay Rorschah test.

  2. He is getting dressed and looking which pair of socks to choose? I mean, that was my first thought when I saw the photo. Nothing special for me in the photo, sorry.

  3. He’s getting dressed and looking down at the hooker he just strangled during rough sex. What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  4. The sex was so intense and exhausting that he was left in a state of deep contemplation: the guy that was just here… what was his name?

  5. A lens into a vulnerable, private moment, a moment when you don’t think anyone is paying attention–like how compelling it is to notice someone when he’s asleep.

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