Beyond Stupid

Sometimes humans say things that are beyond stupid. We humans have our moments where our mouth disconnects from our brain. I accept that as part of our being human.

But for some reason which I have yet to fully determine, some people think they can freely express their stupidity when they enter a tattoo studio. I’m assuming it’s because of the history of tattooing in the U.S., but I can’t be certain of that. Or maybe it’s the perception people have about the attitudes and beliefs of tattooists? Or maybe it’s just because I live in the South?

Lately the stupidity seems to have gotten to the point that I am seriously considering a similar sign for the window of my tattoo studio:

Sign: If you are racist, sexist, homophobic, or an asshole... don't come in.

I would replace the word “asshole” with something a little less vulgar, like with “contemptible”. Not that anyone in these parts would probably know what that means. Maybe “hateful” would be a better word people might know?

I wonder how well *that* concept would go over here in Arkansas?

Sign: Degrading ethnic, racial, sexist, or homophobic remarks are not welcome here.

One would think with this being the 21st century, signs like these would not be needed. But sadly, I think we are far from not needing these signs.


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9 thoughts on “Beyond Stupid

  1. For many, the easiest way to feel better about themselves is to hate on others. Being mindful of others takes effort, and in today’s self-centered society so few people are willing to make that effort.

  2. I’ve had the same problem in my massage business. I have to shut them down occasionally and say I wont’ talk about that and won’t tolerate it in my massage room.

  3. When I shop at some flea markets or thrift stores I’m greeted at the door with signs that state: ” Due to an increase in shoplifting we must request that you leave ALL purses & bags in your locked car.”
    Really? You don’t trust your customers not to steal, but I should trust them not to break into my car and steal my purse? Please…

    As to signs that deny entry to racists, sexists, homophobes, hate-mongers, or generally contemptible folk– the question is not so much whether those people can read or spell those words, but whether they will admit to those states of mind…

    At least we’re no longer greeted with signage designating “whites only”…

    1. Maybe they have more cameras in their parking lots so they can catch the people in the act out there? (I doubt it, but you never know.)

      And maybe a simple “Be ye open minded” sign might be better then? And a little more positive.

  4. I love that first sign and posted it on FB once. A friend remembered and JUST made me a sign saying that exact thing and gave it to me as a gift. The last sign I hung in my cubicle for a while and it created quite an uproar. I have zero tolerance for hate and discrimination and people learn that VERY quickly – no exceptions. The world seems to grow more hateful each day. Sigh…

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