17 thoughts on “Chicks in a Box

  1. *giggle*
    He’s adorable. Didn’t he recently receive a shipment of baby chicks? I took my troublemaker to Tractor Supply last week. He loves the toy trucks they sell. We got a chance to look at the baby chicks. If I didn’t live in the city I’d have a few in my backyard. I sympathize with the Husbear on this one.

    1. “One order is never enough.” This is actually the second set of chicks he’s picked up from Tractor Supply in the last couple weeks. And then there was the older he received in the mail….

  2. How could something so cute – the chicks, not Robert, although he is teddybearish, isn’t he – get it? TeddyBEARish? I slay me.

    Anyway, how could something so cute turn into something so vile? Damn chickens.

  3. Excuse me, but didn’t he just receive an order of chicks already? What? Did you run out supplies for stir-fry?

    Your husbear is a hottie. Can I have him? Just for an hour? I PROMISE he’ll be able to walk when I’m done with him. 🙂

    1. Apparently one since they’re so cute, you can never have enough.

      If I could figure out how to shove the Husbear in a box and mail him, I’d be more than happy to send him your way RG!

    1. A month to reply on my part…

      He picked up mostly Rhode Island Reds. He also got some different Silkies they had as well as some random Bantams.

  4. I want that sweat shirt! 🙂

    Great picture. I wouldn’t have thought your husb would’ve been into chickens tho…

  5. 1. Husbear is adorable!

    2. The SNL vid is HI-larious!

    3. There could very well be a ‘cock in the box’ and you don’t know it yet.

    4. I’m glad I found you via My 2 Cents, you’re BOTH damn sexxy!

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