Curfews in the Quarter

Wednesday saw a lot of rain. And wind. And more of both.

We stayed in bed for most of the morning and early afternoon, as you can see.


Eventually, the Husbear was itching to go look around a bit. Probably because he was tired of talking to men on all those “social” apps he has on his iPhone.

So we wandered in the rain and wind down to Bourbon Street, and back to Cafe Lafitte in Exile. Where everyone seemed to be. The place was packed! Probably because it was the only bar open. Or maybe because it’s a nice place to visit.

It was announced that the bar would be closing around 7:30pm because a curfew had just been announced for the parish. Well, damn. So we made the most of it like everyone would be expected to do in that kind of situation and beveraged.

At closing, we wandered back to the hotel. Because getting arrested for breaking curfew is probably not a good way to spend a trip.

We had dinner at the hotel. They are serving food for all the guests who are here. Not for free of course. But it beat breaking into those cans of ravioli I had bought the day before.

Then for me it was back to the room to catch up on reading blogs for a bit, while the Husbear ventured to the hotel bar to visit with people.

I think the Husbear doesn’t like being trapped in the hotel. 😉

I spent the day answering a lot of questions over on Facebook about the conditions here in the Quarter. It seems many peoples flights have been pushed out through Saturday at this point, or totally cancelled.

So it may end up being a rather slim Decadence this year. I guess that’s what happens when you host an event during hurricane season in a gulf coast town. I imagine the hit to the economy will be large for most businesses here. Which is why it’s important for people to come here and spend!

Until next time...

9 thoughts on “Curfews in the Quarter

  1. The Evangelical crowd rushes to inform you that having a second hurricane hit New Orleans on the seventh (Biblical number!) anniversary of the first is god’s plan to stamp out Southern Decadence. I’d get out of there fast if you don’t want to look up and see a pair of size 4575 EEs coming right down on you and the Husbear!

    1. One would think an all-powerful YHWH would take a more direct route if he wanted to stamp out something. Like say raining fire down from heaven. Like one reads about in all those Old Testament books. Clearly YHWH isn’t the god he used to be.

  2. I had not considered there would be curfew. I recall being in Key West several years ago when a tornado went through the upper Keys. No significant damage in Key West but torrential rains. There was no power. Duval Street was flooded. 8-9 of us sat on the floor of the guest house and played Uno by candlelight before making a mad dash to dinner. We were lucky enough to have reservations at one of the few restaurants that stayed open. They had no power but lots of candles. They could serve anything from the menu that was grilled and anything from the bar that didn’t require ice…. or a blender. Not the wildest evening I ever spent there but certainly a memorable one.

    1. That definitely sounds like a memorable time! And a rather fun time as well.

      That was the first time I’ve ever been in any place that initiated a curfew. The last time we were in NOLA when a hurricane came through was Gustav, but we were forced to evacuate the city. Both times the National Guard was involved. Which was rather an unsettling feeling to see military men with guns on guard in an American city.

    1. That’s what happens when one takes a vacation during Hurricane Season in a coastal city.

      He has his moments for sure. 😉 And one of these days, he might let me finish his ink.

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