Curiousness in the Shower

As I was in the shower this morning and washing my hair, I wondered if other people do the same thing I do? I know what you’re thinking, but I’m talking about cleaning order here.

Before I get in the shower, I turn on the water and let it heat up. I get in the shower and I get wet all over. I then shampoo/condition my hair. Then I rinse my hair. I then soap up the rest of my body, and then rinse the soap off. I shut the water off, and then I squeegee the excess water from myself with my hands. After that, I towel off.

What about you?

And for those of you with hair on your head, or for those of you who don’t now but did: Do you wash your hair with shampoo/conditioner first, then rinse, then soap up the rest of your body? Or do you do it all at once?

And how exactly do we learn our bathing techniques?

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28 thoughts on “Curiousness in the Shower

  1. Before I get in the shower, I turn on the water and let it heat up.
    I get in the shower and I get wet all over.
    Then I soap up the rest of my body.
    Then rinse the soap off.
    Then I either:
    A. Shave my head if I’m being good and staying bald.
    B. Shampoo the fuzz on my head if I’ve gotten too lazy to shave my head or am in a hurry.
    Then I shave my neck.
    Then I do a final rinse all over. (I always have suds left in my ear no matter what I do.)
    I shut the water off and start toweling off in the stall.
    Then I step out onto the bath rug and finish drying off.
    Then I Q-tip, insert contacts, underarm deodorize and gently cologne, in that order.
    Then I get dressed.
    I have no idea why or how i learned to do it in that order. Guess I just developed what felt natural and orderly to me.
    Now, if I’m not alone, well, the whole program is right out the window….

    And for those of you with hair on your head, or for those of you who don’t now but did: Do you wash your hair with shampoo/conditioner first, then rinse, then soap up the rest of your body? Or do you do it all at once?

  2. Turn on shower and adjust temp.
    Get in- get wet.
    Scrub body parts first.
    Wash hair/face and rinse.
    Condition hair and pubes. Rinse.
    Squeege water off shower doors.
    Towel dry.

  3. I think we learn this from whoever taught us to take care of ourselves and then we adjust it over time. After the water warms up, I start washing from the top down and then go back in and do any area that requires special attention (e.g. hair, crotch etc), final rinse, shut the water off, squeege off the shower, dry in place, and step out onto the bathmat.

    Funny, it is kind of the same process that I use when I wash the car.

  4. I let the water heat up, then I run it up to the shower head, then I step in a bit later.

    I wash my body with soap and a puff, then I extra-wash my “hairy places” to make sure they are extra clean, and I clean my butt just in case anybody ever goes in there.

    Then I shampoo my hair and then condition it. (If I’m using dandruff shampoo that day, I’ll use olive oil conditioner. If I’m using olive oil shampoo, I’ll use dandruff conditioner. Alternating keeps me from drying out.) Then I wash my face with face soap, but while I’m doing that I use the same soap on my back to limit backne.

    I rinse off and then I dry off in the shower and step out on my towel.

    And I didn’t learn any of this from my parents. I clean way more than I was ever shown how to.

  5. Well I don’t have hair but when I did I would wash it last, after soaping up my body. What I do is turn on the water and adjust the temperature, get in and let the water wet me, then I grab the soap and I usually lather up my underarms first, then my arms, chest and stomache, then work down towards the rest of my body. Since I no longer have hair I just usually soap up my face and head last before rinsing off. Then I grab 1 towel and dry myself off before stepping out, onto another towel that’s usually on the floor. With that one I finnish drying my feet and ankles. I didn’t learn this from anyone, it’s just the way I naturally did it. Oh and also, back when I had hair, I used to use Pert Plus so it took care of the shampoo and conditioner all at once.

  6. I get in the shower first, then turn on and adjust the water.
    Once its the right temp I turn on the shower.
    Lather, rinse, repeat. Shampoo.
    Wash face. Face scrub.
    Lather body. Glycerin soap only.
    I also squeegee the excess water off my body!
    Towel dry.

    I think I saw a YouTube video once that said to wash yourself from top to bottom. That way you’re not wasting water by rinsing a body part twice.

    Weird…. I know…

    (BTW… sexy pic!)

  7. Shave first: dry razor, no gel or shave cream
    I get in the shower and turn the water on in the lower tap and let it heat up.
    I turn on the shower part and then get wet.
    I shampoo head, face and beard, ears. then chest, underarms, forearms and hands and pubes.
    I rinse, then do feet, legs and butt, all with the shampoo. (Oatmeal shampoo, thank you) Sometimes scour my feet with the pumice-y thing if the skin is getting dry.
    water off
    towel off
    Q-tip ears, yum

    My husband shampoos, soaps, conditions his beard. After rinsing he squeegees himself with a washcloth first to get all the water off, then uses the towel. He learned this from his first, German, partner. Don’t wanna waste that perfectly good towel …

  8. I know it’s more logical to shampoo the head first, but since I’m always at least half asleep when I get in, most of the time I go for the bar of soap first.
    So: turn on water (but stand away from the nozzle), test water, stand in water, use soap, use shampoo, rinse, wonder if I’ve been in too long, nah, okay maybe, turn off water, get out, towel.

  9. The first thing I wash is my face, then shampoo my hair, then wash the rest of myself. I wash my face first because that is the oiliest part of me and I don’t want any of the oils getting into my hair after I wash it.

    Dial glycerin soap in summer months; Dove beauty bar in winter months. And for shampoo I’ve been using Pert since 1980.

  10. I was thinking about this the other day… but moreso in the order that I dry off. I always dry my face first, then hair… then each arm, torso, back, wiener area then each leg… always in the same order. It’s funny when you actually think about the way you things and why. I usually take at least two showers a day, but moreso, it’s three and sometimes 4, depending if I workout and work landscaping that day. I have to get up and take a shower first thing no matter what I’m going to do and don’t get into bed unless I’ve showered.

  11. Turn on the shower. While I’m waiting on the water yo warm up, I brush my teeth. Once the water is warm enough, I wash my hair with Suave or whatever was on sale. Then I use face scrub. Then I wash my meat and potatoes first. Then I was top to bottom. I turn the shower off and dry off in the shower.

    A couple of things I noticed missing from most replies, was peeing in the shower and rubbbing one out . . .

  12. I like the fact that you “squeegee” your body with your hands because I do that as well. I squeegee my body because I don’t want my towel to become overly saturated with water. If the towel becomes too saturated then I don’t feel like I’m completely dry when I get out of the shower, which just really f*cks up the rest of my day.

  13. Turn on the water, let it warm up, then jump get in.
    Get all my body parts wet.
    Put shampoo in my hair, get it all lathery – don’t rinse.
    Get shower gel on the puffy-thing, get it all lathery then wash my body.
    Rinse both shampoo and body wash off at the same time.

  14. Just answered this elsewhere not too long ago.

    Like most others, I wash face first then shampoo head and facial fuzz. This makes the most sense to me because if you use a shampoo that has any kind of “stuff” in it (vitamins, nutrients, conditioner, etc.), I was taught in high school PE that it needs time to work its way into your hair and scalp: about 3-5 minutes. So I lather all that up and leave it in my hair (what little I have) while I soap up and clean the rest of my body.

    Left arm, right arm, chest, belly, groin, right butt cheek, right leg, groin, left butt cheek, left leg. Soaping and rinsing the whole way. Shampoo on pubes, chest hair, head (again), then rinse off.

    (There are a few extra steps if I have to use a separate conditioner, which is rare.)

    I find all this talk of “squeegeeing” water off kinda interesting and funny, because that’s never occurred to me. I just towel off… making sure to use the side opposite that I used the last time I showered.

    1. I don’t even know when I started the squeegeeing of myself. I just remember the line of thought going something like, “It’s one of the few times that my entire body gets touched, so I might as well give it a go over.” Weird.

      1. I actually tried it this morning. It felt so odd. And all I could think was, My hands are wet! How am I getting any water off me if my hands are wet?

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