22 thoughts on “Glamour Shots?

  1. I’m with Mike. Every hair on your face, head and forearms is visible. You know, for those of us who, um, er, like the hair. I’m also tempted to pornify that rhyming couplet ending in “men who wear glasses” but maybe it’s too early in the day for that.

  2. @Mike:
    Hmm… artsy-fartsy. Both are things I am… he he he.

    Is it really ever to early in the day? 😉

    Now I’m anxious to know…

    Awww… thank you Dan. But the only good pictures I take are the ones I selectively post 🙂

    No more Photoshopping for me then…

  3. If I were Photoshopping, I would remove the goatee and mustache, but I’m biased against goatees and mustaches.

    Love the tatoo.

  4. @bstewart23:
    Where are all the wolves hiding when I’m around?

    Thanks on the tattoo! As for the goatee/mustache eraser… I’ve only done that a few times in my life. And they were all accidents and tragic.

  5. I prefer pic A– unless you take C, crop it tighter to your face and blow it up a bit. THEN I like C.

  6. @Alexander & Thomas:
    Awwww…. (blush). Thank you!

    Thank you for the edit, cb!

    Now what should I call that album 😉

    It’s so rare to catch me in a picture that someone else has taken without my tongue hanging out of my mouth. Not sure why, but as soon as the camera comes out, so does my tongue…

  7. You are way to handsome and sexy!!! I am glad I have came across your blog. oops! did I say “came across” *BLUSH*

  8. I have to vote for #3. Diffused is close to confused.
    Couldn’t pass this one up. Guess I’ll pay for it on Wednesday.
    Happy Memorial Day.

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