I was laying on the couch the other night, with both kittehs laying on my chest. Sleeping. Well, they were sleeping. I was watching TV. Some show about aliens and history or something-or-another.

All of a sudden, both kittehs popped up and stared intently toward the stairwell. Which they continued to do for about 7 or 8 minutes. Very intently.

I thought maybe they heard the Husbear upstairs, but I didn’t hear anything. Add to that the time duration they continued staring and I got a little weirded out.

And then I thought of this…

Comic from Deep Dark Fears.
Comic from Deep Dark Fears.

The Husbear and I both think there is some sort of “spirit” in the house, and have for a long time. After we first moved in, we were laying in bed one night and both thought we heard what sounded like a child running up the stairs laughing. Which, as you can imagine, freaked us out a little. We haven’t heard that particular sound again, but there have been other strange happenings. Nothing sinister. Just odd things we’ve noticed.

And we’re not the only ones who have sensed it. Our middle child thought the house was haunted, one room in particular. Our oldest daughter and son-in-law have stayed at the house multiple times while we’ve been traveling, and their dogs just stare and bark at the stairwell and won’t go near it. We’ve had several friends stay the night and have said they felt like someone sat down on the edge of the bed in the guestroom during the night, but when they looked, no one was there.

I guess Spo isn’t the only one with a ghost.

Until next time...

9 thoughts on “Hauntings

  1. The brand new house my family moved into my freshman year in high school and remained until my sister left for college also had an unwelcome guest. We constantly heard people walking around upstairs and doors closing when everyone was downstairs. My mom also claimed to have been physically shaken out of my bed (after I’d moved out and they’d converted my room into guest quarters) one night.

    Since this was brand new construction on a former onion field, we can only assume it was at one point an Indian burial ground.

  2. “Just because you can’t see them
    doesn’t mean they can’t see you!”
    ~BB, one of my teachers of shamanism

    Cats and dogs are sooo much more attuned to these beings than we are. The only way that discarnate spirits can affect the Middle World (the one we live in) is to use *your* physical energy to do so. Declaring that you are “not on the menu” is one way to ensure that the unseen guests remain harmless. Mostly they are seeking help and are trying to find a way to get it by catching the attention of whoever they can. They’re stuck and can’t get to where they need to go, for whatever reason. Some simply just don’t know that they’re dead and interact accidentally with whoever’s there. The more empathic you are, the more sensitive, the easier it *could* be for them to access your energy if you’re not aware. Just be completely yourself and don’t let anyone else in there in that body with you, and let them know that your energy is *yours* 🙂

  3. Henrik seems to have flown the coop; I’ve not had a sense of him in goodness knows how long. Perhaps the new home survelience system has him unnerved. I haven’t seen him on the video scan either.
    Perhaps you got him?

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