Hi-Fi Friday: February 5, 2016

The music theme for February, which was Blobby’s turn to choose, is foreign-language music. Not so much native foreign-language music, but music sung by an artist where that’s not their native language.

I may have said “yes” too quickly to this one. I don’t even know that I know that many foreign-language songs.

One would think I would just prepare these when the month starts, but my brain just doesn’t work that way.

This selection may not count, at least true to the theme. Blobby will let me know. It actually popped up in my shuffle Thursday, and since I’ve had a rough week I’m running with it.

In November 2010, INXS released an album called “Original Sin” that is a tribute album featuring other artists playing with INXS, performing some of their hits. (I reviewed the album in January 2011.) One of the songs I loved right off the bat was the retooling of “Mystify” featuring Loane.

Granted, Loane is a French singer, but since the rest of INXS is present, and the song was originally in English, I feel like maybe it qualifies for the theme this month.

Actually, re-reading my preface for this month’s theme, I guess it doesn’t count. But I’m tired.

I give you INXS’ “Mystify” featuring Loane:

And if you survived the end of the 80s without hearing the original on the airwaves, here it is:

Until next time...

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