Hi-Fi Friday: February 24, 2017

Blobby‘s month to select the music. And he chose songs with an article of clothing in the title. Doesn’t sound too difficult. I think. I assume he was either getting dressed, or un, or maybe doing laundry when he thought it up.

“Whoooo! Outlaw country!” (Archer joke… if you know it.)

I’d say living in Arkansas has made me listen to country music, but I actually blame the Husbear for it more than anything. Granted, he is a native. And as I’ve grown less young, I do appreciate greater music diversity. This is one of those songs that for whatever reason, I like. And as Blobby said, one must talk about footwear.

So I give you Montgomery Gentry’s 1999 “Hillbilly Shoes”, because, well, this is the Husbear’s family:

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