Husbear Update

We are about 54 hours past the accident as I write this.

The Husbear has been running a low fever most of the day. About 2° above his normal temperature. And the swelling in his leg has either increased (it looks the same to me, and we didn’t measure it until today), or at least become more painful. Granted, he doesn’t like taking the pain medications. His puncture wound hasn’t been leaking as much today, so he may just be retaining fluid and the pressure build-up is causing a little more pain. The wound looks… okay. I’m a little more worried about him today, mostly because of the fever.

He’s supposed to see our GP this Friday, but if the fever is still there in the morning, or worse, I’ll take him to the doctor ahead of schedule.

Until next time...

4 thoughts on “Husbear Update

  1. While you should watch the fever, it doesn’t surprise me. He’s had trauma and the white blood cells are doing their work – or should be. But keep an eye out on that temp as it is a sign there could be an infection – and one you can’t see.

    1. I was figuring a fever as well, but my tired and panicky brain just wasn’t having it. Luckily his fever broke last night. But I’m definitely continuing to monitor it.

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