It’s always bothered me that the iPhone has a weather app but it doesn’t show the current temperature one the Home screen. The calendar app shows the correct day and date. Why not do the same with the temperature, Apple? Why show me that it’s *always* sunny and 73 degrees out, when it’s not?


Since Apple doesn’t allow apps to alter their Home screen icons, short of just a notification, no third-party app developer could really do one similar to the native calendar app.

Until now!

I stumbled upon an app today (thanks to a post on LifeHacker) that does just what I want: Fahrenheit. It shows me the temperature AS A NOTIFICATION! How frickin’ awesome is that!?!


It updates every hour, which is perfectly fine by me.

Fahrenheit is $0.99. But I just had to buy it because it was such an innovative way to get around the no-modifying-the-Home-screen-icon rule that I felt a donation for thinking “outside the box” was totally necessary.

It’s the simple things.

Until next time...

13 thoughts on “iCheese

  1. I really like this idea. This IS exactly what the weather app should do. But does it actually update? There are a number of reviews on the app, complaining that it only refreshes the notification if the app is launched.

  2. One of those things where Android has Apple beat. My HTC T-bolt’s clock/weather widget rocks my world. But on the flip-side, I lust after Instagram. Nothing’s perfect, I guess.

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