Another geeky post.

Last post where I talked about Fahrenheit, Karen asked:

Just wondering what other iPhone] apps you find useful…

Here’s some apps I find useful, and why:

Because that’s my blogging platform, and I tend to get random ideas only when I have my phone around. Or when I’m traveling, and my phone is my only computing device.

My RSS reader. So I can keep up with all my blogging buddies and other tech blogs that I read. I love the interface and how intuitive it is to navigate. And I’m glad it’s finally a universal app so I can use it on my iPad too. (Although I don’t care for the interface as much on the iPad. It’s like the native mail app on the iPad and I don’t like it.)

Wunderlist (replaced Simplenote)
Sometimes you just need to make a list. And sometimes you need to get to that list from anywhere. And sometimes you need to share that list with others.

SugarSync (replaced DropBox)
Syncing and sharing files/folders between computing devices. DropBox offers 2 GB storage. SugarSync offers 5 GB. There’s a few features that SugarSync does that DropBox doesn’t. I actually still use both.

Encrypted password manager and information storage of all sorts of accounts and account information that I have.

FTP On The Go
Because I’m a geek. And I’m constantly doing back-end stuffs on my web servers.

Sometimes you just want a notepad to edit files. It also syncs with DropBox.

I can move files to and from my phone and computers wirelessly. Integrates with DropBox, Google Docs, and MobileMe iDisk

Key Ring (replaced CardStar)
You know all those annoying little fob things businesses give you? This app lets me scan them and put them on my phone so I don’t have all that crap in my wallet. If you don’t have a glossy screen, you can usually scan them with a scanner.

Because you’re never too old to doodle. Especially with my career.

FX Photo Studio
I actually have a plethora of photo filter apps, but this one has a ginormous amount of filters. And it does most of the basic photo editing needs that I have as well.

And last but not least…

Ask Dave
Because sometimes I just need someone to answer the questions for me. It’s pretty much my magic eight ball. And hey, he’s a fellow blogger. Maybe one day he’ll publish a Dave and Monkey bobblehead app. Just because that would be awesome.

Those are some of the apps I use most often. I have a plethora of other apps, but I think most people use those.

For those of you with iPhones, what apps do you find useful?

Until next time...

9 thoughts on “iOther

  1. Can you five me examples of what you use sugarsync and files2 for me??

    And what have you created with brushes?

    1. I routinely work on files I’m sketching digitally at the studio and at home. So I keep them in my DropBox/Sugarsync folder so I can access them in either location. I also use it as a temporary storage for things I find while online when I’m at the studio that I want to store on the computer at home. I also keep files in my DropBox that I need access to at all times, such as master copies of release forms, etc. that I can access from my local printer’s office to have printed when needed.

      Files2 I use when I’m at a offsite locations (such as a friend’s house) and they have files they want to share with me. It’s replaced my USB key essentially.

      As for Brushes, I mostly use it to quick sketch a concept when I have a thought about a tattoo, or when I don’t have pencil and paper handy when I’m talking with a customer.

  2. Re: SugarSync/DropBox — There’s a new cloud-based backup/sync solution called AVG LiveKive. Faster, cheaper, better. Check it out.

    1. I’ve never been a fan of AVG after some issues I experienced a few years ago, so I’ve shied away from anything they’ve purchased/rebranded since then.

  3. I recently switched back to Byline after using Reeder and I’m quite pleased with the switch back. I like iPad version too.

    How is the WordPress app working for you? After a few missteps last fall it seems better for me. I switch between that and Blogpress.

    1. Byline is the only RSS reader I’ve used on any iOS device. I’ve been thrilled with it since day one.

      There were a few quirky things that Blogpress did that I didn’t like (mostly involving picture uploads and embedding), so I went back to the native WordPress app. The last few updates have really seemed to stabilize the few issues that I was having with it.

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