Itchy and Scratchy

Just another remodeling “update”: The insulation is up! At least the insulation on the exterior walls and the ceiling. I have one little part left to insulate, but for now it serves as an access path to the crawlspace above. And then there’s the little bit of insulation that will go in those two walls you see there once one part of the drywall is up.

It’s not that itchy… (click to see it bigger on flickr)

Now all that’s left is the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, sheetrocking, tiling, and a million other odds-and-ends.

But at least the insulation is up. Especially now that we’ve had our first few nights that have dipped below freezing. After all, it was a frozen pipe that started this whole mess….

Until next time...

10 thoughts on “Itchy and Scratchy

  1. hey, when you get to the tiling, give me a holler, we’ve got a l wet saw you can borrow if you need it, we just finished tiling kitchen, baths, laundry and entry …

    1. Thank you. We actually own one as well. When I originally looked into renting one, it was just as cheap to buy one, so we did. Poor thing doesn’t know what it’s getting itself in to….

      As for the manual labor part of it though…. 😉

  2. And one more thing to do before you finish up: HAVE HOT SWEATY SEX IN THE CONSTRUCTION SITE! Make the Husbear dress in a workman’s overalls, tool belt, etc., and do the nasty! What’s wrong with you?

    Actually what’s wrong with me that, that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the build in progress?

    1. That will probably have to wait until the sheetrock is up and no more insulation is exposed. The Husbear HATES being in the room. He has this mental thing that all that insulation is in the air and going to stick to him.

      And there’s nothing wrong with you, RG. That’s why we all love you.

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