People to Never Make Mad at You

There are some people on this planet that you should never make mad at you:

  • Your hair stylist/barber;
  • Your waiter/waitress/server-person/cook;
  • The IRS;
  • The Judge;
  • The Police.

To that list you should add your tattooist.


I can understand if you unknowingly said something that maybe your tattooist didn’t agree with. The FSM knows I’ve tattooed my share of racist, bigoted, and narrow-minded people. Some things we let slide. We’re human. We all have different ideologies. (At least until the aliens land.)

But to PURPOSELY INSULT your tattooist and ATTACK our entire profession? Are you even thinking?

We had a customer walk into the studio last night with his buddy to price a tattoo. He thought the price was too high, even though another studio in the area quoted him a higher price. He then said:

How hard can it be to tattoo words on people? It can’t take any skill at all.

Excuse me???

Why would make your tattooist mad—at you—before they are going to do something PERMANENT to your skin? WTF?

You might just end up with a large penis tattooed on you.

Actually, [She Who Shall Not Be Named, At Her Request] and I attempt to follow the Golden Rule at the studio. There are some things we just won’t do. Tattooing something other than what you asked for is one of them. But pissing us off might mean that your tattoo process could possibly hurt a wee bit more than it normally would. If we even do your tattoo at all.

We put up with a lot before we’ll toss your ass out the door. That was pushing it. The next person who does that won’t be so lucky.

Update 2012.04.02

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9 thoughts on “People to Never Make Mad at You

  1. WTF is going on in this country? I mean seriously. I think the apocalyptic prognostications for 2012 are a pile of dog crap, but there are days I can’t help but hope they’re true and the planetary reset button gets pushed. Time to give the cockroaches a chance. Let’s see if they create a better society than humans have.

  2. If some guy asked you to tattoo a phrase on him, and he wrote it down on paper like he wanted it (but with a misspelling), and he was being a dick, would you correct it for him? What if he was not being a dick? What if he was ugly? What if his friends were being dicks?

    1. I’d be morally obligated to correct it. But if he was a dick, I’d probably tell him such and not do his tattoo.

      I’ve tattooed a lot of people I personally thought were ugly. But everyone’s ugly to someone somehow.

      If his friends were dicks, I’d ask them to leave.

  3. I’m a part time server and people think that they can be rude to me because of my job. I must be stupid if all I can get for work is a job as a server. They don’t know that it just part time, they know nothing about me. I had one older women in her late 60’s to early 70’s, give me a hard time because I didn’t ask her husband if he wanted another beer. I was wicked busy and had to many tables at once and couldn’t keep up. I explain this and told her I was very sorry. She told me “I don’t want to hear any of your excuses, you piece of shit, just do your job.” I paused took a breath and told her, “You are very rude”. I told my manager to deal with her. She was loud enough for that side of the restaurant to hear what she said. I’m sure I turned red in the face and then purple. But I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of responding in kind.

  4. You know, you’re much more patient than I would be, and that’s coming from someone who works at a law firm with some Class A Stupid, Rude Assholes. I would’ve told him to get the fuck out of my shop. In those words too: “Get the fuck out of my shop.”

  5. I would also add to that list (for all the professional actors/actresses out there) that you should be very nice to the proctors at any auditions you’re attending. You know, the person who signs you in and brings you in/out of the audition itself. I’ve done the job several times and the minute someone is rude to me, or treats me like a second class citizen, I make them wait outside while I inform the director/casting agent what a huge bitch they were to me….then I send them in. 🙂

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