It’s 3 Days Late, But Happy New Year!

Okay, so I’m 3 days late in posting this. I’m a busy guy! Right….. Like anyone believes that.

I hope you and those around you had a great start to the New Year.

The Husbear and I ended the old calendar year and started the new in Dallas. We had a relaxing getaway weekend.

And I got to meet several people in real life that I had only interacted with either through blogging and/or Twitter/Facebook.

First I got to meet Jim from over at Jim’s Stuff. I snapped this picture of he and my Husbear dancing at the Round-Up Saloon and Dance Hall on New Year’s Eve:

That’s them in the middle of the picture. If you squint you can make them out.

I then got to meet Thomas of The Boomerang Texan (and formerly blogging as “T Town Tommy”) who mostly now exists as @thomasntexas. Thomas and his partner, and the previously mentioned Jim, and the Husbear and I all met up for a Brunching.

Myself, Thomas, Thomas’ husband, and my Husbear.

Sadly I didn’t have my camera with me until after Jim had already left from the Brunching. I’ll fix that with the next trip to Dallas!

And I also met a few people from Twitter as well! I just get around these days. At least digitally.

It’s takes a lot out of me wrangling the Husbear after a night of him being a social butterfly. Which caused this:

That’s what I get for leaving the camera laying around for the Husbear to find.

Happy 20-11 to you all!

Until next time...

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  1. Happy New Year to you two! @the husbear – next time you snap a pic, make sure Erik has no clothes on! Jeesh – how many times do we have to remind you?!!!!!! 😉

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