It’s All I’ve Got

Sometime Tuesday I started feeling… icky. I know, not a great descriptor. But it’s all I had. Later that night, the floods began…

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the top-end flood only lasted a few hours.

And then worked it’s way South.

Where it lingered for two days.

“Linger” isn’t quite the write word though. Nothing lingered. I’m fairly certain my gastrointestinal system doesn’t store that much… stuff. Or at least I thought it didn’t.

I have spent way too much time in the bathroom over the last few days. And when I wasn’t there, I was on the couch.

I’m finally feeling a little more human today. And I haven’t had to make an “oh my god get out of the way” trip to the bathroom since yesterday evening. So there’s that. Granted, I’ve pretty much stopped eating since this started, so that could be part of it too.

All I know is this: maybe we should have planned to install a bidet in the new master bathroom.

Until next time...

7 thoughts on “It’s All I’ve Got

  1. In addition to various OTC anti-diarrheals (Pepto, Immodium, etc.), diet can help, too. One that comes to mind is called the BRAT diet (I had salmonella in 5th grade, so it sticks with me). It stands for Bananas-Rice (plain; dry Rice Krispies work, too)-Applesauce-Toast (dry). There are probably other ones you can find on the internet. Avoid dairy products, too.

    Sounds like rotavirus or norovirus. Take good care of yourself; these things kill the young and the elderly routinely and are no picnic for healthy adults.

  2. Hoping all this will pass quickly. Although I guess that’s been the problem, yes?
    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist and didn’t try). Hope you’re well SOON!

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