24 thoughts on “Me at work…

  1. I miss that sound. (The buzzing, that is.) I need to hear it again sometime soon.

    Also, you have a cute laugh and demeanor.

  2. awesome. i love the sound of a tattoo needle buzzing.

    the guy in the background looks cute too.

    if i’m ever in arkansas, you are so inking me.

  3. That buzzing noise just causes my stomach to turn. It just reminds me of the pain that’s associated with it. Yes, I’m one of those people that WILL say it hurts to get a tattoo. I have to put my tat expansion on hold. Budgeting sucks.

    I do have to say though, your giggle is the cutest thing EVER. Funny after this long, I’m like….I’ve never even heard you talk yet, let alone giggle.

    1. Tattoos do hurt some people. I won’t lie. There’s been a few spots on me that were less than comfortable. But if it’s intolerable, it may not be you. Your tattoo artist could possibly be going to deep or pressing to hard on you during the process.

      And yes, budgeting sucks. But like all things, people save for what they want.

      And thank you! One tends to forget what they sound like until someone records it for the world to hear… and see.

      Maybe I’ll do a videocast one of these days….

    1. I guess I didn’t notice he had an accent. I’ve gotten used to hearing them around here.

      I grew up in Florida so I think my “accent” was ingrained long before I moved to Arkansas. I do pick up some words and phrases that the locals say, but I hope I don’t have an Arkansas accent.

  4. My color ink hurt in some places: Around the nipple and the skin just outside of the armpit. But other than that – it just sort of went numb after awhile.

    I’m looking forward to your giggle when you tattoo “Enter Here” with an arrow on my butt. Yep, definitely an RGTV episode worth watching.

    1. For most people, the areas tend to go numb if working over a larger territory.

      I’m sure it will be hard to restrain my giggling with that kind of tattoo. But I will endeavor to maintain a professional demeanor…. 😉

  5. there is pain of course, but it’s not terrible. at least to me.

    and re; budgeting – i just figure it will be free ink if we’re doing vlogging about it.

    think of all that free press!!!!



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