Netflix streaming on my PS3!

All I can say is “w00t!”

Because several people have asked: I use a product called “PS3 Media Server” (PMS for short… go figure). You can get it at and more info is available at

It’s written in Java, so it works with Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

I just tell PMS what folder I want to stream, then that folder shows up on the PS3 to play from. So all the porn you’ve collected on your computer over time you can watch from the leisure of your couch on a ginormous TV if you have one.

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8 thoughts on “Netflix streaming on my PS3!

  1. As appealing as this product is, the sign-up process for Canadians just doesn’t seem to work very well, so to hell with them. No, really.

    That said, streaming downloaded television and movie AVIs wirelessly from my computer to my PS3 makes my swimsuit area warm.

    1. That sucks that Netflix is not very Canadian friendly. Hopefully there is a local alternative?

      I love having a warm swimsuit area. Unless I pee’d myself. Then not so much.

    1. We have one and don’t have any games. Wait, I take that back, we bought the PS3 for one game the Husbear wanted (Civilization: Revolution) but he only played it once then went back to the PC version.

      We use it exclusively for movies and streaming movies and porn from my computer to it.

  2. I should get my disc by Thursday. Interested to see what the quality will be like. The Xbox 360 has had the ability to stream from Netflix for over a year now, and it’s a native app. Unfortunately, there won’t be a native app for the PS3 until this time next year, but I’ll take the disc and hope for better quality. (360 streaming was shoddy, even with a good wireless connection.)

  3. Dude, really? I stream to my PS3, wirelessly, simply by adding a shared device to Windows Media Player. In Vista/WMP11, it worked but was a little shaky. In Win7/WMP12 it’s rock solid.

    1. I’ll have to explore that option when I get around to putting Win7 on a PC. I’m still XP bound. Which I’m okay with. (After I left the OGRE, I lost my MSDN subscription).

      I do like PMS because of how it does the transcoding on the fly without using much system resources, and I don’t have to load a gazillion codecs as many are built-in. Plus the thought of using WMP…

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