Pic a Day in May: Day 8

Jim of Jim’s Stuff started the “Pic a Day in May” challenge last year. I did it last year, and felt like I’d do it again this year.

Day 8.

I knew I had a busy week planned this week after the get-away weekend, and today especially. Chiropractor, massage, and one big tattoo. That will probably result in me needing another visit to the chiropractor and massage therapist.

8 hours later...
8 hours later…

Eight hours. And this is only part one. I know it doesn’t look big, but that thing is about 15 inches across. And there’s probably about 10 more hours worth of tattooing to go. Which will be done here in about three weeks.

I’m posting this real quick-like so it posts today, and then I need to clean the studio and drive home.

And maybe have a beverage.

Until next time...

2 thoughts on “Pic a Day in May: Day 8

    1. The tattoo is a traditional Japanese-styled dragon.

      As for the armpit… the customer was laying down when I took the photo. He was also a little on the stout side. So things tend to fold in places.

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