Hi-Fi Friday: October 23, 2015

Blobby threw a few ideas at me for October. Of them, I was intrigued by this one: “original versions of songs that were taken and made famous by other people.” But I needed a little more definition, as it’s a fine line in my brain between “covers” and “songs made famous by others”. (I’m easily confused like that!) So Blobby clarified it as “songs that were originals that weren’t well known (or known at all). It’s almost like covers Opposite Day.” And our theme was born: ‘covers Opposite Day’!

That could be a wee bit challenging. Or will it? That means I’ll need to flex my music history muscle. Which is smaller than most of my other muscles.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard this song in the last half of the 90s. And 2000s. And I still like it. Something about is is creepy. Musically. And haunting. Yet it’s catchy.

I speak of Annie Lennox singing her 1995 hit “No More ‘I Love You’s’.” I don’t know if there’s anyone who didn’t catch this tune on the air. Or in a club. Or from a drag queen. Annie even won a Grammy with it for “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance”.

And yet… it was originally written and performed nine years before in 1986 by the new wave band The Lover Speaks. (I assume Annie was very familiar with it after hearing The Lover Speaks singing it since they opened for the Eurythmics during their 1986 tour.)

I think I like both versions equally. The male performance makes it even a little more creepy to me.

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