Saying Goodbye to Hapi

The Husbear called me at the shop tonight with bad news. Hapi is dead. Our oldest cat, the Husbear was given Hapi by his best friend Michelle a few years before he and I met. That puts Hapi at around 14 years old. The Husbear came home from work to find Hapi being, well, eaten… by some puppies we had rescued.

A couple months ago someone had dumped off a couple of puppies out near where we live. We live out in the country and sadly this is a somewhat common happening. We brought the pups home to take care of them since we have 5 acres they can run around on and an older dog to pal around with.

The puppies were a little aggressive to each other from time to time, but had not shown any real aggressive tendencies towards any of our outside cats. They would on occasion play with them but had never hurt any of them. Apparently that changed today.

It looks like I’ll be taking the puppies off to the pound. It would appear no good dead goes unpunished.

I don’t think Hapi’s death has set in with the Husbear… yet.

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2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Hapi

  1. I doubt the puppies actually attacked and killed it. It probably died and became a toy. 14 is pretty old for a cat isn’t it?

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