Shit My Mom Says…

This note was included in the Christmas present my parents sent to me this year.

(click to enlarge so you can read it)
(click to enlarge so you can read all the wonderfulness)

My mom’s *subtle* hint that I’m going to Hell.

On the up side, I got a 42-piece screwdriver set from them.

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25 thoughts on “Shit My Mom Says…

  1. She should be more concerned with her disregard for the law and her illegal use of a photocopier. Copying music is a no-no and makes God sad.

  2. You should send her a copy of the DSM IV (manual for diagnosing mental illness and conditions) and highlight the section where it talks about religious preoccupation in regards to schizophrenic delusions. 😉

    1. I’m still trying to figure out what to send. Then again, I didn’t plan on sending anything anyway. Or calling. Maybe this is the impetus I need to follow through with that.

    1. Hell! I need some of those cups. They’re kind of awesome in a trashy way.

      I’m sorry to hear about how your father treats you now thanks to the girlfriend. Sometimes our surname families just suck.

      1. They are pretty cool. I almost bought the big red cup for work. If only I wasn’t so clumsy and didn’t need a lid for all my drinks.

        My relationship with my father has always been “rocky.” I just need to get over it.

  3. But is this all really a mixed message? Is the screwdriver set just a way of saying “Screw you!” or something else?

  4. Oh yeah, this looks familiar. Not the hymn but the gesture. My mother used to send similar things to me in the mail (since she can’t talk to me on the phone or in person) but I eventually put an end to it by sending her a note that said “Sending me articles with notes attached is the equivalent to talking to me.” I have no use for ‘well-meaning’ suggestions of returning to a religion that can not accept me for who I am.

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