Painful Relativity

Blobby asked:

you’ve probably answered often before – but what is the best place to work on a tattoo for you – and what is (in theory) the best (read: least painful) for the recipient?

I prefer working on everything from the thighs down to feet, the arms, and the upper and mid back. I am not a fan of the lower back (a.k.a., tramp stamp), ribs, chest, or neck.

As far as least painful place for the client? That is truly relative. What location hurts one person won’t necessarily hurt the next. Add to that the fact that every artist has a different “touch”. Some are light handed and some are heavy handed. The heavier the hand, the more painful the tattoo session can be.

All that said, a lot of people don’t find the outside of the upper arm, side of the thigh, or mid-calf that bad.

Tattooing on my buddy Dwayne.
Tattooing on my buddy Dwayne.

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9 thoughts on “Painful Relativity

  1. My artist took a break from doing my back piece one day and pointed to a spot on my lower abdomen, more or less where the appendix is, and said, “That’s where the bike gangers break down and cry.”

    For some reason I found my ankle bands pretty painful. But after I was put on to EMLA, I would regularly get an hour and a half to two hours virtually pain-free.

  2. Getting one’s armpit tatooed is a painful mother-fucking experience – I know since my big colored ink is partially in my left armpit.

  3. Um, my tattoo that swirls around my calf and shin to my ankle hurt like a mofo. The guy was fairly heavy-handed, and the sweet spot on the back of my calf?

    I about came off the table.

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