Strangeness About Me

I’m slightly beveraged as I type this, so it’s a short post consisting of some oddities about me. Or things people say is odd. At least things they say is odd to my face.

– I don’t walk around my own home naked, let alone anywhere else. Being naked freaks me out.

– I used to sleep almost fully clothed. Until the Husbear “trained” me to sleep naked.

– I have what I believe to be an irrational fear of getting a paper cut on my tongue.

– I’m a horrible flirt. Horrible as in I can’t tell when someone is flirting with me. Nor do my attempts at flirting come off well.

– I still have wet dreams. At least one a week, minimum.

– I wet the bed until I was a teenager. Which made for many awkward nights at friend’s houses or camping in Scouts. I still have an occasional accident, which is still humiliating.

– I don’t like needles. I loathe them, actually. Odd considering my career.

– I lack fashion sense and a sense of style. It’s merely an accident that I get dressed each day without causing people to have visual seizures.

– I have a mushroom food allergy. It took me forever to figure that out in college. As a result, I’m afraid to try “shrooms”.

– The “hardest” drug I’ve ever done has been alcohol.

– I tend to get handsy and slightly aggressive when I’ve been drinking. And that’s about the only time.

– I don’t like thunder. Or thunderstorms. Or any kind of severe weather.

– I drink mostly because it lowers my shields.

– I used to have chronic nightmares that did a number on my psyche and my health. I still have more bad dreams than good ones.

That’s about all the weirdness I can think of. For the moment.

Until next time...

17 thoughts on “Strangeness About Me

  1. nothing strange about any of that stuff…though the needle thing and your profession is kinda strange… though I have always loved sleeping in the nude… hugz from VA…and also slightly beveraged…

    1. That would make for a fun trip! Especially since it seems like most of the bloggers I know live in that one state. How bizarre is that?

      As for the naked…. baby steps.

  2. I’m with you on the not walking around the house naked thing. I always wear at least a pair of glasses.

    Do you also have trouble perceiving nuances? If someone tells you something odd followed by “if you get my drift”, do you have no idea at all what ‘drift’ he is talking about?

    I asked you a few months ago to expand on the wet dreams. I thought you indicated you would. Are you willing now? That is a phenomenon I would love to know more about.

    1. I have a very difficult time perceiving nuances. I’m one of those spell it out for me people, typically.

      I’m still working on the wet dream post, actually. I’m trying to come up with a way to organize it without it reading like some dime-store trash novel.

  3. Always love these “get to know me” quirk lists. Keep ’em coming. Here are our similarities from your list:

    Being naked freaks me out. (It’s true, but I do it anyway. Honest!)

    I used to sleep almost fully clothed, too. Always afraid I’d have to run out of my house/apt in the middle of the night and did not want to be on the street undressed.)

    I NOW have an irrational fear of getting a paper cut on my tongue thanks to this comment. (I hate paper cuts more than almost any other thing I can think of.)

    I’m also a horrible flirt. Also horrible as in I can’t tell when someone is flirting with me. Nor do my attempts at flirting come off well, either. Lets work on our flirt skills together 🙂 (“If you get my drift.”)

    I still have wet dreams. Not as many as you, though, unfortunately. I LOVE ’em.

    I have some similar bed issues due to my surgeries. You are very brave for sharing this. I’m freaked out for admitting this for the first time for all to read right here and now.

    I lack fashion sense and a sense of style.

    I can’t eat mushrooms. Not because of allergies, because my system can’t break them down and I suspect have contributed to at least one intestinal block in my life so far.

    The “hardest” drug I’ve ever done has been alcohol.9OK, I smoked pot twice, but I don’t think I did it right.)

    I, too, tend to get handsy when I’ve been drinking. (let’s have cocktails soon, please.)

    I drink partly because it lowers my shields.

    I used to have chronic nightmares. I still often have bad dreams.

  4. ok in the spirit of the comment meme…

    – love being naked. been to nude beaches in 4 different countries
    – i’m a bad flirt too. apparently i lack subtlety.
    – i get papercuts on my tongue almost weekly as i like a lot of envelopes. bloody things go in the mail from my office often.
    – am totally fascinated by needles. i actually watch them go in. it’s kinda neat.
    – hardest drug….hm….hash i guess. no acid. just once. at pride. long story but never ever go shopping when you are stoned on acid at pride. ever.
    – i get loud when i drink. when too drunk i disappear into a cab and go home. friends have thought i was missing but i really just went home while i still could
    – as a result of the above i try to limit my consumption of alcohol
    – i love thunderstorms but often sleep through them. even on boats. even when we were washing up on shore because our anchor didn’t hold.
    – i don’t have nightmares (anymore) but do have sleep issues (as in getting to and waking up from) and i oddly experience my childhood nightmares while awake trying to get to sleep…but i’m learning to work with it instead of fight it.
    – i resent having to wear pants in general but especially if they aren’t jeans. i could live in shorts and flipflops. oh and i hate socks. and being hot at work. also i have a weird thing with the sheets in my bed that makes my bf crazy and friends mock me for. isn’t OCD fun!

    but see if we weren’t all “quirky/weird” we’d all be so god damned boring!

  5. Coming out for a minute from lurking to play…

    I love to be naked, except in bed at night. (Someone broke into my apt one night and busted front door down while I slept through it. The neighbors called cops. My butt naked ass was woken up by 6 cops with flashlights screaming at me to show them my hands.) It will NEVER happen again!

    I’m pretty good at flirting, but bad at following through.

    I’ve developed more and more food allergies as I’ve gotten older (38 now). Certain alcohols has been the worst one to get used to.

    Thunder makes me horny.

    I’ve done pretty much all of the hard drugs in my early 20s to fit in and I feel a lot of shame for it now.

    I always wake up during sex dreams and then fight to get back to where I was, usually without success.

    I have a lot of nightmares, too. I “see” things sometimes (though it’s not real) and will wake myself up screaming at it to “get the fuck out” or I will swat at it. I feel shame for that too only because my eyesight is bad and if it were real, it could be my grandma, but I can’t see her and then there I am telling her to get the fuck out and swatting at her.

    Going back into my hole… 🙂

  6. oh that isn’t ‘weird’; these are quirky, not the same thing at all.

    As a thunderstorm lover-nut, I feel sorry for you ! 🙂

  7. I like being naked….just wished I looked better naked!

    Can’t sleep naked…boxer shorts. The only time I wear them…boxer briefs otherwise
    I don’t think I’m a good flirt…

    I thought wet dreams were because you don’t ejaculate enough..I have sex with my hand atleast once a day…so, I don’t have wet dreams.

    I wet the bed until I was about 12…I found that If I drank liquids after 6pm and because I was a deep sleeper..I would wet the bed. I know just how much non fun that can be…

    I freak out when I have to get blood drawn…or any kind of shot. But I dont’ mind the Dentist giving me needles in my mouth.

    I disagree with you lack of fashion sense. EVERY picture of you….you look good. Lastest example…the concert you went to…you were smokin’ hot.

    The “hardest” drug I’ve ever done has been alcohol…and only really drunk about 4 times in my life.

    When drinking, I get “handsy” too, and I think EVERYTHING is funny…..even me.

    I love love love, thunder. thunderstorms. Or any kind of severe weather

    If weird = awsome….they you are weird.
    Thanks for sharing!

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