Stupid Pogoplug

This post is more a note to myself, just in case I have to repeat this process again.

And it might be interesting to anyone who’s geeky enough to understand it. 😉

Sometime ago, I had purchased a Pogoplug. It’s basically a network device that lets you plug in USB drives and access them from any computer.

It’s a great idea, but the Pogoplug implementation of it is extremely poor. Extremely.

All access to any drives plugged into it goes through their servers, even when I just wanted to access files locally on my LAN.

Which makes it so fraking SLOW!

Which is not what I wanted. But that’s what I get for buying it and not a real NAS in the first place.

So I started looking for OS replacement alternatives for the Pogoplug. And I found one!

I followed the instructions here and installed a flavor of linux on the Pogoplug.

And then I installed samba.

The only problem I noticed with it was that the LED on the front of it continually blinked. Which I fixed by editing /etc/rc.local. Because the model I have is slightly different that what the main install distro has (currently), I had to use use this path instead: /usr/local/cloudengines/bin/.

A little more info.

And since I’m a n00b at *nix, and I don’t really know samba at all, I had to reference help here and here.

And now everything is up and running fine. And FAST! And I can now see my porn from any computing device in the house. 😉

Until next time...

3 thoughts on “Stupid Pogoplug

  1. I have no idea what language you are speaking–which concerns me–(1) should I know, and (2) if not, why did I feel compelled to read until the end of the post?

    1. It’s definitely a little more geek-speak than most of my posts. Don’t feel bad if you don’t recognize the language. I think maybe only one or two of my readers actually will. Like I said, it’s more a note for myself in case I need to do it again. Or someone else has one of the evil devices and wants to free it up.

  2. I think I got most of it… and you certainly saved me time and effort if I were tempted to purchase something like it… Indeed, it does look like a great idea until it turns out it is only a device for their “cloud” service. I would have confidentiality as well as technical issues with that…

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