Bad kittehs!

The Yaksmas tree was up for LESS than one day before the kittehs µ and m had destroyed it.

We put the tree up Sunday evening. And when we woke up Monday morning… well… there’s a Doctor Who episode (or two) that has these remote-controlled, killer Yaksmas trees in them that basically spin around and try to kill you. That’s what it looked like had happened to our tree.

The Husbear was not amused.

As the Husbear and I never found a solution that would keep them out of the tree last year, we have resigned ourselves to locking them up in the kitchen and mudroom when we’re not around to watch them. And even THAT took some doing: we had to install a temporary door just to get that to work.

Damn you, kittehs!

I wonder if anyone markets perimeter-aware shock collars for kittehs….

I’m so tempted.

Until next time...

12 thoughts on “Bad kittehs!

  1. Was it an artificial tree? I have one an haven’t used it since I got my cats, they were eating the lower branches and then vomiting up the pieces. How did you keep them away in the past? To be honest I’d rather have the cats happy and not put up the tree.

    1. It is an artificial tree. I caught one of my kittehs using a branch as a bottle brush for her teeth. We haven’t found any tree hairballs yet.

      We’ve never been able to keep them out of the tree. They don’t get up in it while we’re present, but as soon as we’re gone or asleep, they wreck it. That, or we have a ghost who hates Yaksmas trees.

  2. When my mom and dad were newly married, he had to wire the yule tree to the ceiling and wire every ornament on the branches. Otherwise the cats would crush, kill, destroy and knock it over every day.

  3. Any Kitty that destroys a Christmas tree is alright with me. LOL!
    You could always install motion sensor water squirt guns on it, that would keep them away from it.

    1. I actually kind of feel the same way… but it makes the Husbear upset. And since he was here first… he wins. 😉

      What I really need is an ED-209 from Robocop. That would solve the problem.

  4. I love it that your kitties are Micro and Milli. And that one of them is named using a ‘mu’.

    As to the climbing issue, have you thought of using one of those motion-activated air sprayers that they sell now-a-days at pet stores? You might be able to put it (or maybe more than one) discretely under the tree to discourage climbing.

    1. I tend to go with really odd names when I name my overlords. And I really like to do strange things with the spelling because it pisses the vet off. 😉

      I’ll have to go look for those at our local pet store. I’ve not heard of them, but that would be so helpful. Thanks!

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