6 thoughts on “They’re either lazy, or doing it right.

    1. micro is the one sleeping with her paws down. milli is the one staring out the window.

      I don’t know how I tell them apart. Kind of like a parent of twins knowing which is which. There are subtle differences between the two, aside from their obvious personality differences: micro seems a little more like a bulldog in stature, while milli is very dainty and Egyptian. There’s some color differences between them two: milli has a slight butterscotch color to her, while micro is more grayish. Their faces are different too: micro has a wide nose and her eyes are offset oddly, milli has a skinny nose and is more “regal” looking.

      I’ll do my best to get a picture of them side by side. But I can barely get them to pose by themselves. 😉

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