15 thoughts on “When you discover your shorts are ripped. After you’ve been out in public for part of the day.

      1. PURELY a nonprurient question: what brand of underwear do you prefer, or do you have multiple ones? I have been sold on Duluth Trading’s Buck Naked boxer briefs for a while now, although I wish they had more colors. My outer wear is strictly “The Man in Black” (or “Back in Black”, if you prefer) but I do enjoy wearing colorful underwear. I was recently gifted some Mack Weldon boxer briefs that I also like, although I still think Duluth Trading has the best ones.

        Please feel free not to reply if this is too personal. šŸ˜‰

        1. My current brand is Hanes. I wore boxer briefs a few years ago, but never could get accustomed to them, so it was back to briefs. I’ve never really ventured outside of the Hanes or Fruit of the Loom world to try other brands.

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