Dear Tattooist: Where’s the Strangest Place You’ve Tattooed?

Welcome to the first installment in what will hopefully be a long-lived “segment” here on my blog.

RG asked:

Although this may not be a question about the technical aspects of tattooing, but I have to ask, where’s the strangest place on a body, that someone has asked you to ink and what was the tattoo?

I’ve had a few guys come in to the studio and talk about having their “John Thomas” tattooed. But none have followed through. A good thing, as technically that is a rough place to tattoo: the client must remain flaccid the entire time (don’t want blood pushing out the ink I’m trying to put in), and all the stretching of skin I’d have to do really wouldn’t be all that fun to me… in this case.]

So that leaves the following story as my strangest place to tattoo someone. Or in this case two someones, and a strange story. Double whammy.

One of the Husbear’s hair clients knew he and I were a couple, so she and a friend felt comfortable with the following request: they both wanted tattoos in a location not-to-distant from their nether-regions. And by “nether-regions” I mean some place I would NEVER willingly go on a female. But I did it for the money. Does that make me a prostitute of sorts?]

The first female wanted a lip print with his-and-her names surrounding the lip print. They gave me the lip print to use and the names. I already have issues with tattooing a spousal unit’s name on a spouse. This location for that was just bizarre. But that’s probably the subject for another post.]

I was almost done with the tattoo when the person I’m tattooing on just called her friend the name I just tattooed. On her.

It takes me a few seconds to comprehend what I just heard.


Swinger couples. Each getting the other couple’s names tattooed on them.

The second female had the other couple’s name tattooed on her and the bisexual symbol. Which I had no idea there was one until that point.

So far, that has been my strangest location to tattoo, and the strangest story to accompany said tattoos. I’m sure at some point I will have a new story, but that’s been the strangest in four years.

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