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10/13/2023: Mental note to self: check that the guard is securely fastened to your trimmer before starting to trim your face fuzz…This needs to hurry up and grow back.
10/02/2023: Took a little hike to Hemmed in Hallow this weekend. Unfortunately the falls were mostly spittle, but the rest of the scenery was pretty. The hike out is the equivalent of the height of the Empire State Building, so I may have been a wee bit sweaty at the end of our 5.7 mile hike. (2/2)
10/02/2023: Took a little hike to Hemmed in Hallow this weekend. Unfortunately the falls were mostly spittle, but the rest of the scenery was pretty. The hike out is the equivalent of the height of the Empire State Building, so I may have been a wee bit sweaty at the end of our 5.7 mile hike. (1/2)
09/20/2023: Happy 14th trip around the sun to this little kitty, Ms. milli. Thanks for not tripping us down the stairs… yet.
09/06/2023: That was an unexpected morning visual.
09/03/2023: And since I’m in Vegas, I may as well pay my respects to the recently departed before I have a change in latitude.
09/03/2023: Today I did a thing. A big thing. Well, huge. For me. I competed in the IBJJF World Master tournament here in Vegas. My first jiujitsu competition with the IBJJF. And my first as a blue belt. I feel good about the outcome of the match I participated in; even though I didn’t win, I feel like I held my own. Which was a win for me personally on so many levels. A huge “thank you!” to my team here: Kevin Green, Darla, Mike Page, Doyle Cassity, and Dax Clat, for all the training and mental support. And as well to my training partners and coaches back home. I couldn’t have done any of this without y’all.Now, to enjoy my last night here in Vegas, and then to get back home and back on the mats at the gym to continue my training.
07/22/2023: So… a thing happened today: I obtained my blue belt. It’s been an interesting year, and I have learned so much. Especially from these two here. Thank you Kevin and Darla for all your help in my journey, and getting me started in this adventure. And thank you to all my coaches (Big John, Mike, Josh, and Kaleb), and to all my fellow bjj friends and rolling partners. I’m working to absorb all the knowledge y’all impart on me on the daily. Thank you.
07/19/2023: Watching the evening slip away…. Or a squirrel. Probably a squirrel.
07/01/2023: I know there’s a lot going on right now, but happy 26th anniversary to my Husbear. I love you so damn much.
06/25/2023: Today I did a new thing: my first jiujitsu competition. While I didn’t win win, I did learn a little bit more about myself in the process. And things I need to work on in my jiujitsu. A great big thank you to Kevin and Darla for going down to Conway with me and coaching and cheering me on.
06/17/2023: Since today I achieved Level 50. And I’m skipping down memory lane, posting a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right? And maybe a reminder…Day 17: This is 50. Well, my first day in. Let’s see what this decade has in store for me.
06/16/2023: Since I hit Level 50 soon, I’m skipping down memory lane, posting a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right? And maybe a reminder…Day 16: I think this was in 2000 at my brother Rodney’s wedding. This was the 4 amigos growing up. My friend Aaron on my side, and our neighbor Chris on my brother’s side. We were all in Scouts together from a young age, and hung out until I moved away to Arkansas.
06/15/2023: Since I hit Level 50 this month, I’m running down memory lane, posting a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right? And maybe a reminder…Day 15: M-I-C… see ya real soon… K-E-Y… why, because we like you…. I grew up very close to the mouse house, and from the looks of it, was indoctrinated at a young age.
06/14/2023: Since I hit 50 this month, I’m running down memory lane, posting a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right? And maybe a reminder…Day 14: great chunky cheese, Batsman! A headshot for the O.G.R.E.*, maybe 2006 or so? I miss those glasses. They’re somewhere in the bottom of Beaver Lake these days…*my nickname–the Oppressive Great Retail Empire–for my former employer
06/13/2023: Since I hit 50 this month, I’m running down memory lane, posting a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right? And maybe a reminder…Day 13: From one of the multiple summers I was a camp counselor in North Carolina. I feel like this was probably 1991.
06/12/2023: Since I hit 50 this month, I’m running down memory lane, posting a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right? And maybe a reminder…Day 12: it’s 1984. 5th grade. “One of these things is not like the other. One of these things is not the same.” At least I attempted to play soccer, right?
06/11/2023: Since I hit the big 5-0 this month, I’m strolling down memory lane and posting a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right? And maybe a reminder…Day 11: 1998, somewhere at Gatorland in Florida. I was starting to get a little chonky at this point in my life. Plus, what’s with that facial hair configuration? 🤦🏻‍♂️
06/10/2023: Since I hit the Hawaii 50 mark this month, I’m strolling down memory lane and posting a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right? And maybe a reminder…Day 10: November 2013. Stylin’ in the woods Erik . (Thank you for the picture, Sheila!)
06/09/2023: Since I hit the two quarters of a century mark this month, I’m strolling down memory lane and posting a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right? And maybe a reminder…Day 9: that time I got all dressed up to host a friend version of “Chopped”. ‘‘Twas a fun night, until the cloche gets lifted. And maybe the utilikilt too 🤣. This may also be why I’m not supposed to dress myself…
06/08/2023: Since my body hits its 50th trip around the sun this month, I thought I’d stroll down memory lane and post a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right?Day 8: sometime in 2018, a couple months after Pandora joined our home and then claimed me as her hooman. Back when she could actually fit in my lap.
06/07/2023: Since my body hits its 50th trip around the sun this month, I thought I’d stroll down memory lane and post a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right?Day 7: the surname family. I’m assuming taken sometime at the end of 1984, based on how young my youngest brother is there. I’m also not sure what demon is possessing my sister at that moment
06/06/2023: Since my tree hits the 50 ring this month, I thought I’d stroll down memory lane and post a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right?Day 6: always working on something. This was in 2002 when we were purchasing our home. We had to make repairs. So. Many. Repairs.
06/05/2023: Since I’ll achieve Level 50 this month, I thought I’d stroll down memory lane and post a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right?Day 5: that one time in 2015 I had a “Britney moment” and shaved off my facial hair. I keep this picture as a reminder to NEVER do that again.
06/04/2023: Since I’ll hit my 50th trip around the sun this month, I thought I’d stroll down memory lane and post a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right?Day 4: 2001, the year we made contact. I was enrolled in massage school at the time, looking for a new career. And people thought my last name was faked. (Hi, Kate!)
06/03/2023: Since I’ll hit the half a century mark this month, I thought I’d stroll down memory lane and post a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right?Day 3: mid 2002. Interrupted while reading engine schematics for my old CJ5. Also sporting the James Bond villain look apparently.
06/02/2023: Since I become a semicentenarian this month, I thought I’d stroll down memory lane and post a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right?Day 2: Taken at my schools version of prom, our Jr.-Sr. Banquet. This would be 1991 Erik. Well, some form of him. Not too shabby I suppose. (And Kris, you still look fabulous!)
06/01/2023: Since I become a quinquagenarian this month, I thought I’d stroll down memory lane and post a random picture taken over the years. Everyone needs a laugh, right?Day 1: Horizontal stripes and coloring eggs. My fashion sense and artistic talent both in display
05/29/2023: Two in the pink… um, wait…
05/21/2023: “Daddddd… what’s it doing to me?”
05/20/2023: Loopback! #networkinghumor
05/13/2023: Gonna get that dang squirrel!
05/11/2023: It’s the Great Space Coaster, get on board…
05/06/2023: One year
05/04/2023: Happy birthday to my wonderful Husbear. Here’s hoping this year is better than all the plethora of years that came before. I love you.
05/02/2023: Napping in the flower beds. Why else would it be called a bed??
04/02/2023: The Husbear: “I love this song.”Me: Me: “Of course you do…”
03/26/2023: Today, I had the honor and privilege of marrying off our son to his fiancée.Yes, I’m an ordained minister. Reverend Rubright was in the chapel. Which surprisingly didn’t explode when we walked in. Congratulations to you both, Matt and Jeffie. We love you!
03/19/2023: Pandora is napping with her eyes kinda open…
03/10/2023: This is what my brain sees when Meowingtonne’s check engine light is illuminated… #babelfish
03/09/2023: Meowingtonne got ducked today. Guess the rain washed enough of the mud off for them to not be scared to get close #duckduckjeep
03/02/2023: 7 8 9 10 11 tweh-eh-eh-eh-elve!
01/25/2023: On through the night… #arwx
01/23/2023: Mmmbop
01/23/2023: Boots and pants and boots and pants and…
01/18/2023: So… it seems it’s going to be this kind of morning.
12/18/2022: Bath time…
11/23/2022: Happy 5th birthday to my little girl, Pandora. You found the human who needed you even though I didn’t know it, stole my heart, and changed everything. #pibble #pibblelove
11/16/2022: There’s something about this that makes me laugh…
11/13/2022: I think she’s judging me…
10/22/2022: Someone knows she got in trouble, and she won’t look at me…
09/20/2022: Happy 13th birthday to this little thing, the feline lady of the house, milli.
09/13/2022: When you get stabbied, and they give you a happy bandage…
09/10/2022: Nobody from Nowhere
09/09/2022: Oysters, 6 ways…
09/09/2022: Sending the Old Man Home
09/09/2022: Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season
09/09/2022: I Have Found Me a Home
09/09/2022: Quietly Making Noise
09/09/2022: Simply Complicated
09/09/2022: Wheel Inside the Wheel
09/09/2022: Permanent Reminder of a Temporary Feeling
09/09/2022: The cannons don't thunder, there's nothing to plunder..
09/09/2022: Hula Girl at Heart
09/08/2022: The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful
09/08/2022: Why Don’t We Get Drunk? Also, there’s a joke about portholes and sea-men here, but… I’m classy.
09/08/2022: The Night I Painted the Sky
09/07/2022: Fins
09/07/2022: I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever
09/07/2022: The Old Man and the Sea…
09/07/2022: What If the Hokey Pokey Is All It Really Is About?
09/07/2022: Eine kleine Nachtmusik…
06/21/2022: And sometimes, when you’re stopped in construction traffic, things just happen to be pretty…
06/05/2022: She doesn’t fit in my lap anymore, but that doesn’t stop her from trying. Still not sure how she can curl her 80# self up like that.
05/31/2022: Pandora went for a little ride in Meowingtonne this morning. Jeep fur, don’t cur!
05/31/2022: Decoration Day.
05/29/2022: Can we talk about how much I loathe wisteria…? Great for shade, but the weekly “haircuts” are worse than manscaping hyperly growing hair on 60-year-old Italian. Or so I hear.
05/25/2022: 10 minutes to change the ABS sensor they said. I know what the BS stands for now…. Apparently when it’s corroded over–and your fingers didn’t make the cut for cirque du Soleil–things take a whole lot longer. Like, an hour. Me and Meowingtonne had words this morning.
05/23/2022: Surprise eye dilation at eye doctor followed by a different doctor appointment immediately elsewhere results in looking totally baked for said doctor appointment. Do I even try to explain?
05/22/2022: Hmm… succulents must be my spirit plant. 🤣
05/20/2022: Someone’s telling me I’m doing it wrong…
05/07/2022: Alien vagina, or the aftermath of leaving the gummies in your backpack in your Jeep on a warm day? I guess with either answer the sticky result is about the same…
05/04/2022: Happy somethingy somethingth trip around the sun to my sometimes goofball of a Husbear.Happy birthday. I love you.
04/30/2022: Caulk. Do you pronounce it “call-k” or “cah-k”? I’m in the latter camp. I’m 12…
04/26/2022: Happy birthday, @Meowingtonne! You’ve changed a wee bit since I pulled you off the dealership lot 6 years ago today. You’ve treated us well, even with all the abuse I’ve given you over the almost 112K miles, and so many walkabouts: from Glacier NP to Pensacola Beach to Ouray, CO (so many passes) and halfway up the Atlantic coast and so many backroads in between. Thank you for taking care of us. #jeepwrangler #jeeplife
04/25/2022: A) it tastes like purple (you know exactly what I mean!), B) 200mg of caffeine at 10pm might have been a bad idea…
04/24/2022: I really always do enjoy a good light show. I survived. #edibleshelped #garthinfayetteville
04/23/2022: The things we do for our spousal unit. I soooooo didn’t eat enough edibles for this. #garthbrooksstadiumtour
04/22/2022: Not a prime number… but Meowingtonne wears it well #jeepwrangler
04/13/2022: I disappeared “secretly” to Florida this past week. Got the opportunity to watch my buddy Kevin compete in the Pan IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship tournament in Orlando (and new buddy Darla too). Also to make a surprise visit to my parental units. And to have a mental getaway of sorts. We cooked and ate more seafood than I ever have, and no complaints were had. Some excellent Cuban food was found. Spent a day at the beach. And a night in NOLA for dinner on the way home for some oysters and Cajun seafood, and beignets for breakfast. This may have been a food tour as well. During the length of the tournament, I observed a lot about something I didn’t know anything about or had ever paid attention to before, and asked questions that were probably a little repetitive to them both, but they endured. Considering the way my path changed a few years ago, and everything I’ve dealt with since, this might be what I need to pursue for myself.
03/27/2022: Methinks Pandora is playing innocent about something… 🤔
03/27/2022: When you’ve scrounged for a really late dinner and might have accidentally put enough seasoning on it to make a Cajun flush…
03/19/2022: Pandora didn’t mind head skritches while I was in the shower.And yes. The phone is in the shower. Ya know, because y’all know me, in case I slip and fall and have to call 911 or something… *cough*
03/19/2022: My eyebrows are apparently of British descent. My want of carrying around two bushy caterpillars on my forehead however… hence the brush hogging. 🤣🤣🤣
03/03/2022: Umm… wiener fun? Count me in!
02/18/2022: This pizza should clean out my sinuses, right? Chicken, bacon, jalapeños, cowhorn peppers, and cayenne peppers with just a little oregano for flavor. On a ranch sauce base. There’s probably a reason no one ever asks me to make them a pizza….
02/11/2022: This is not the side quest I was looking for… #LevellingUpSucks
01/26/2022: This wee lass passed out on me making sure I was feeling okay. And now I can’t feel that hand. Or the half of the body it’s attached too.
01/19/2022: Meowingtonne needs more mud. Granted, he’s alllllllways dirty…
01/13/2022: Anyone else have—or have had—one of these style toilets? And have you had after a period of time where it just starts to not flush enough to empty the bowl? With either button.And I’m not just talking about the amount of pee or poo someone’s leaving either… 🙄
01/12/2022: Sky betta…
01/12/2022: When you dish out what’s remaining in your bag-o-salad and realize you didn’t shake it the several other times you ate from it… *sigh*
01/09/2022: Well… I wonder how many people will fall for that form of text spam 😬
01/06/2022: This is NOT what I expected to wake up to this morning… #arwx #whatthehell #pearidge #pearidgearkansas
01/06/2022: I really need to get up to use the bathroom… but I’m fairly certain she’s going to be mad if I do.
01/04/2022: Life doesn’t always need to be filtered…
01/03/2022: How is that even comfortable, Pandora? #pibble
12/25/2021: Happy Yule and merry Christmas to all of y’all out there. I hope everyone enjoys whatever traditions you may have for this day of the year.I, for one, am glad it’s almost over…“Do you know why people get together at Christmas? Because every time they do, it might be the last time. Every Christmas is last Christmas.” – Doctor Who 2014 Christmas Special – Last Christmas
12/21/2021: The testimony isn’t wrong. I mean… we all think it, right? (Don’t send me pictures. This was just a “do other people think this besides me?” I mean, unless you’re curious )
12/07/2021: Pandora is not amused by the Husbear’s shenanigans. #pibble
12/06/2021: Resisting the urge to drive past a fresh mud puddle without driving into it is… challenging. I—once again—failed the challenge.I *may* have even backed up a few times, hit it again, turned around, and repeated from the other direction as well. Maniacally giggling the entire time. Because apparently I turn into a five year old stomping puddles after it rains. (Those of you who’ve had the… torment… of experiencing this with me know.)My galoshes are just bigger now…. @meowingtonne
12/05/2021: Cheffy pan-flippy.Epic fail it might have been.Poor eggy. Sad face.
11/24/2021: Happy 4th trip around the sun to my little girl, Pandora. My comfort. My protector. And sometimes my comedic relief, you goofy thing. I was never a dog person until I held you in my lap when I brought you home that night. And now I can’t imagine you not being by my side.
11/15/2021: When the morning sun shines just right into the bathroom and shower…And yes, I take my phone into the shower. Well, it sits on the separator ledge. For chance photographable moments like these. Hush you dirty minds.
11/12/2021: Looks like the wood burning stove pipe needs a colonoscopy too…
11/08/2021: Morning view from the water closet. Filter provided by dirty exterior window
10/30/2021: This is pretty much on repeat in my head. Humans have been pissing me off since pretty much noon today. It’s going to be a long day…. #thestupiditburns #youwouldntlikemewhenimangry #mymedsarentstrongenoughforthismess
10/29/2021: Really, Meowingtonne? You’re going to do this to me now? In the dark. And cold. And rain? *sigh* ..#Jeep #jeepwrangler #wranglerunlimited #jkur #arkansasjeep @Meowingtonne
10/22/2021: Umm… is there any particular reason a 43-year-old song needs to be in Dolby Atmos??
10/12/2021: I seriously have no idea which end of the buffalo this product came out of when it was produced. However, I can tell you EXACTLY which end the marketing people need their heads shoved in…
10/12/2021: On National Coming Out Day, the only advice I can offer is this: the only person you need to be out to is yourself. Being honest with yourself can be hard work. It can be scary. But in the end it can–and will–save you. It took me years and years to come out to myself, and even longer to come out to anyone else. Even after I started figuring things out, there were many times I backpedaled because of my religious upbringing and self-loathing. Eventually I learned to see that for what it was, and love that part of what makes me, well, me. We all take different paths. Love yourself, and just be the you that you need to be. #ComingOutDay #ComingOutDay2021
10/03/2021: And so it begins…. I guess these are my 12 apostles? Because they’re going to be going all biblical on my a$$ in a few hours. I told you this was going to be fun. Stay tuned!
10/03/2021: This is the last meal and testament of one Erik Rubright of the town of Pea Ridge, Arkansas. Being of sound mind, I direct your view to the last solid substances that shall traverse the length of my gastrointestinal tract before the great colonic tidal wave event which begins tomorrow eve: bean burritos with roasted tomatillo and pepper salsa. Because salsa is awesome.But considering how little I typically eat anyway, two-thirds of this will lay in it’s metallic coffin in the refrigerator until Monday or so anyway. Unlike the one-third that will end up… well, down, the devil’s back roads.
10/02/2021: Thank you, Mema! They’re awesome! And of course I love them! Love you too! #Jeep
09/30/2021: Probing
09/28/2021: Tell me about it…
09/26/2021: When the spousal unit—who has Cajun blood in him somewhere—doesn’t like peeling shrimp, so you change your dinner idea and do it for him. I’m thinking the Cajun is reallllllly diluted 🤔
09/25/2021: “Daaaad, are you surrrrrrre you’re going to eat that?”
09/24/2021: When you go to sprinkle the Cajun seasoning on the chicken… and the lid cracked open. 🤦🏻‍♂️
09/24/2021: Happy birthday to one of the best humans I know. He’ll literally give you the shirt off his back. And more importantly, will protect those who cannot protect themselves. Happiest of birthdays, Patrick, my bestest buddy.
09/16/2021: So, yeah, umm… does anyone else’s furbaby do this with their paws? She’ll actually do that reverse fold tuck with both paws a lot of the time. It kind of freaks me out.
09/10/2021: “We all change, when you think about it, we're all different people; all through our lives, and that's okay, that's good, you've gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be….”Goodbye Pensacola Beach. Thank you for simultaneously the mental relaxation and the mental processing. Until next time….
09/09/2021: Have you met my friend Pustulio? He is visiting from… another place.
09/08/2021: Meet Handles. He’s bad about reminding me of things.
09/08/2021: “I'm the Oncoming Storm, the Bringer of Darkness…”Wednesday raininess. A different view of beach relaxation.
09/08/2021: Honey Daze…. #honeydaze
09/08/2021: “…This dream must end, this world must know. We all depend on the beast below.” #nofilter
09/07/2021: It’s not day drinking if you don’t start when you wake up… on the beach… contemplating the complexities of exactly how sand can get that far up one’s nether regions just sitting here… and why Jimmy Buffett has never written a song about that.
09/06/2021: And… here.
09/05/2021: My life could use this flag. I should probably start carrying a real one with me…. #victor #requireassistance
09/03/2021: Dual exhaust. #abandoned #abandonedplaces
08/27/2021: Dear aurally annoying cicadas,I noticed as of this morning you finally shut the hell up. Now I can hear the crickets and frogs, as opposed to what I can only imagine would be the sound of white noise in the waiting room of some 1-Star Howard Johnson in the Middle of Nowhere. Thank you for dying.Signed, Probably everyone.
08/23/2021: Pandora sat like this through almost an entire episode of Doctor Who. She was either mesmerized, or her body had just locked up. I’m going with she’s a Whovian. #pibble
08/18/2021: Are you an “always an even number on the dial” person, an “always an odd number” person, or a “there are numbers? Just crank it up until my teeth rattle” person?
08/16/2021: This is what happens when I didn’t check the booze cabinet before I went to the grocery store….
08/11/2021: What could *possibly* go wrong with this little food science experiment… er…recipe 😬 #callhazmat
08/08/2021: Well… it’s not quite the most “grandma” thing I’ve ever done. But it obscures what’s under the car park from the road down below. And once some sort of flora vines it’s way up, it won’t be as nekkid and translucent as me with no clothing on… and if I shaved everything 🤣🤣🤣
07/31/2021: Jumping back to 1970, with the Third Doctor. Feels like a good way to spend a Friday night. #doctorwho
07/24/2021: The first plate I received when I moved to Arkansas in 1991. Some say it was an Omen (see what I did there?). I say they expected my arrival….“Woe to you, oh earth and sea…”
07/21/2021: This is how this conversation goes, pretty much all day long…“Daddy, I wanna go back inside now.”“Pandora, it’s only been like 10 minutes since you wanted to come outside. ““I know, but I’ll go stand and stare at the door in 20 more minutes and then we can come outside again for another 10. You know you will because I’ll keep making this face at you until you acquiesce. And because you totally love me.”🤦🏻‍♂️#pibble #pibblesofinstagram #pibblelove
07/19/2021: The parental units dropped in from central Florida for a visit. A great visit, actually. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen each other, and we’re all leveling up in life. While we don’t agree on a lot of things (okay, literally opposite ends of the spectrum), I do love them regardless of our differences (shh… don’t tell anyone I have a heart). Hopefully we can enjoy however many revolutions we have left around this sun together. I still might need a drink or three of whiskey… and a few edibles… after this visit
07/19/2021: When your parental units show up for a visit with a trunk you haven’t seen in 30+ years that’s technically now a time capsule and it pretty much contains your entire history of Scouting in it… #boyscouts
07/18/2021: Pandora decided I needed supervision while I was working on Meowingtonne’s suspension today…..#Jeep #jeepwrangler #wranglerunlimited #jkur #ljeepbtq #gayjeep #jeepsofinstagram #arkansasjeep #arkansasjeeps @Meowingtonne #pibblesofinstagram
07/13/2021: After 10 days and 3,530 miles in Meowingtonne, this is probably the best thing to happen in the first 30 minutes of getting home. I’m pretty sure we both missed each other. #walkabout
07/12/2021: Another clip of that little bear cub on that back road. #walkabout
07/12/2021: So… this happened yesterday. I’ll post other pictures, but figured I’d start with this video. #walkabout
07/11/2021: I’m probably a dork, but I find the races and flumes at the mill more interesting for some reason. Maybe it’s the engineering aspect of it that catches my attention? Going back to my days of Erector sets and stuff like that? #walkabout
07/11/2021: Someone done drank all the moonshine. Well, they let the still go all to hell by the looks of it. Speaking of, now I’m thirsty… #walkabout
07/11/2021: Mabry Mill. Built in 1910, restored in 1945. Apparently the most photographed feature on the Blue Ridge Parkway. #walkabout
07/11/2021: Trail’s Cabin, built in the 1890s. On the Blue Ridge Parkway. #walkabout
07/10/2021: These are not the mountains we’re accustomed to overlooking on our walkabouts, but they’re just as beautiful. And probably a little more forgiving on Meowingtonne’s powertrain… at least for the moment.
07/10/2021: It really does go nowhere these days, but…The narrow-gauge railroad was once known as the Irish Creek Railway, built by the South River Lumber Company to access trees that were previously untouched until the 1900s. (Found at Milepost 34.4 on the Blue Ridge Parkway) #walkabout
07/10/2021: Apparently 3 sets of bars on the jail cell windows will be enough?
06/12/2021: Helping spread a little HAPPY in northwest Arkansas. Thank you, Porkchop!
06/03/2021: There are no Janet nails, in case you wondered. Or bent/bi/gay Brad nails. Well, pre-bent. I managed to bend a few in this project…. 🤦🏻‍♂️.Say, do any of you guys know how to Madison?
05/31/2021: Nothing sinister about this property. Nope. Nothing at all. I’ve seen how these movies end.
05/30/2021: Do you think warthog bacon tastes like regular ol’ domesticated pig bacon? #EatPumbaa
05/29/2021: I think there may be more than one dirty joke here… 🤔
05/29/2021: Oof. 97979. I guess that’s not too bad for 5 years… 🤷🏻‍♂️ ..#Jeep #jeepwrangler #wranglerunlimited #jkur #ljeepbtq #gayjeep #jeepsofinstagram #arkansasjeep #arkansasjeeps @Meowingtonne
05/28/2021: Dang it! Last night’s torrential precipitation cleaned off the protective coating on Meowingtonne. Now I’m going to have to find some mud holes…#Jeep #jeepwrangler #wranglerunlimited #jkur #ljeepbtq #jeepsofinstagram #arkansasjeep #arkansasjeeps @Meowingtonne
05/17/2021: 🤔 … well, I suspect I haven’t been living my best life as of yet…
05/17/2021: The law of conservation of mass applies here, right? If so, I’d really like to apologize to the poor individual that found those 25-ish pounds I managed to lose this last year.
05/14/2021: If I doesn’t hurt and I don’t know how I got it, it didn’t happen, right? #itmighthurtlater #howdoikeepdoingthesethings
05/12/2021: Even though we’re about to hit 24 years together, happy 7th legally married anniversary to my Husbear! This picture seems appropriate and makes me laugh, because we don’t always know where we are, but we know where we’re going. I love you.
05/09/2021: I might be getting a kick out of watching the Husbear catching the guinea to move them to their new pen…
05/07/2021: Umm… dear cooling mattress cover: a) this phrase changes dramatically depending on if it ends with a question mark or a period; and b) you’re going to find out. 🤣🤣🤣
05/04/2021: Happy birthday to my Husbear! Just think how far you’ve leveled up, and all the experience you’ve earned along the way. I look forward to spending this birthday, and all the future trips around the sun together with you as well. I love you. Let’s just avoid a rerun on the tractor rolling, m’kay? P.S., Our house isn’t insured if it catches on fire for the amount of candles we’d need on a cake. I checked the policy. P.P.S., That exclusion may also be a result of the Roman candle incident that one year… 🤔. In my defense, it did say “candles” on the package.
04/25/2021: For his 5th birthday, Meowingtonne finalllllly got a proper hoist for his hard top! I think he was tired of us taking it off and on by hand each season. Okay, we were tired of it. Moving that thing is as awkward as a teenager getting caught doing you know what by a parental unit. From what I’ve heard. Here’s hoping it doesn’t break and drop the top to the ground….
03/24/2021: Because… I love y’all! (Still one of my favorite songs…)
03/20/2021: Happy *cough* 50th birthday to this guy and his huge… personality! Dwayne, I really really really hope this next revolution around the sun treats you so much better than the previous did. I love you, buddy! @big_dfh
03/14/2021: I ordered a two piece and a biscuit. Instead we got a 10 piece guinea nuggets.
03/07/2021: Cooking up some crispy pork belly… with peanut soy sauce, coconut rice, and some bok choy. *nom*
03/04/2021: A certain 85# pupper just has to lay across my lap while we wait for the vet to come out to give her her follow-up exam. Leg circulation is overrated anyway! #pibble #pibblelove #pibblelife
02/26/2021: Poor Pandora has an ear infection and isn’t taking it well. And neither am I. The medicine needs to start doing it’s thing. #pibble #pibblelove #pibblelife
02/19/2021: Down the road from the house. Nope, not cold at all… #arwx
02/17/2021: You know you reallllly love your hillbilly Husbear when he has just-hatched chicks in the laundry sink. Granted, we are having the coldest days on record here in the South…
02/16/2021: Pandora is overrrrrrrr these single digit temps, snow, and winter weather warnings. She’s a Southern girl. #pibble #arwx
02/14/2021: A nice little amount of snow here in Pea Ridge in the first band to come through. I could do without the 7°, feels like -10° bit though. #arwx #nofilter
02/11/2021: Habanero, jalapeño, chipotle, barbecue chicken with oregano pizza at 10pm. You have to have a heart to get heartburn, right? Not really sure that the oregano made a difference
02/10/2021: So… it kind of looks like a cake, but it’s a PB&J burger. I was trying to make something different for the Husbear instead of just his boring ol’ cheeseburger. I think this qualifies.
02/04/2021: An attempt was made…
02/04/2021: Okay, maybe it’s time to clean Meowingtonne’s floor mat. And for me to say that is reallllllly saying something…#jeeplife #jeepwrangler #jeeparkansas
02/01/2021: When you wander into the bathroom and discover the Husbear washed the dogs paws off in the shower… but didn’t hose it out. “Yet.” Maybe white grout was a poor choice… 🤦🏻‍♂️
01/30/2021: Oh joy! (Where’s the damn sarcasm font we were promised? *shakes fist*)
01/30/2021: 9pm seems like an excellent time to cook a jalapeño and chicken pizza…
01/25/2021: 10-to-1, a certain Husbear is going to wreck these ribeyes by putting ketchup on them 🤦🏻‍♂️
01/23/2021: There’s no telling, bless her heart.
01/18/2021: Someone enjoyed a little ride this afternoon… and Pandora did too.
01/05/2021: I mean, who doesn’t keep a dismembered body in their barn? Right?
01/05/2021: Pensively peering Pandora peering pensively
12/26/2020: Umm….. I have questions
12/26/2020: The aftermath. I need to be less messy when I cook. All that for 2 people. That poor Sonic cup has seen some shit
12/23/2020: Slurp
12/23/2020: Pandora is my weighted blanket… and weighted blanket… and weighted blanket…
12/13/2020: We had our first big snow in years here in northwest Arkansas. Of course it’s always the dilemma of stay inside where it’s warm or go out to take pictures…
12/13/2020: Seems like the thing to make on our first heavy snow day in… years.
12/12/2020: 12 of 12, December 2020 edition
12/09/2020: Keep Calm and Carry On
12/08/2020: For some reason I expected the box to be MUCH bigger after hearing conservatives scream about it all my life…
12/02/2020: People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect…
12/02/2020: Throwback to this summer, camping in the mountains in Colorado, pondering how much it was worth getting in the right-above-freezing river for a bath…
12/01/2020: I could use a trip to a warm beach right about now…. (throwback picture from one of my plethora of Pensacola Beach trips *sigh*)
12/01/2020: The “why do I look baked; why am I so flushed; why yes, I’m sitting in the back of my Jeep” no filter selfie.
11/25/2020: Would anyone be surprised that I want to buy these just to see what “bitter coating” tastes like?
11/24/2020: If you’ve got to wipe your arse in northwest Arkansas you’re shit out of luck… #toiletpapercrisis
11/24/2020: Well… at least they’re they same brand…
11/23/2020: Happy 3rd birthday to my no longer little “little” girl. Would have never thought I’d have become a dog person, but you’ve helped calm my my anxiety and stress levels more than I’d ever thought possible. #pibblesofinstagram
11/21/2020: I didn’t see anything in the direction they were all looking, so I’m assuming it was a ghost….
11/17/2020: I’ve never been one to be zen with Christmas. Maybe this year will be different?
11/16/2020: I know they mean well with the happy face, but all my brain sees is Mr. Yuk.
11/15/2020: As close to fish & chips as I’m allowed. Broccoli “tots” count, right?
11/11/2020: In the 18 years I’ve lived in this house, this is the first I’ve ever used the tub to soak. That’s what I get for actually using my muscles. #gettingoldersucks
11/11/2020: Easier to ask on here, since so many IGers have pups. Heart worm medicine: What do you use? Or do you not? You can DM me or just reply here. Thank you!
11/06/2020: Nap time for Pandora… #pibble #stolemyheart
11/06/2020: I don’t think the camo is working…
11/01/2020: My first… in my Jeep, that is. In the literal hundreds I’ve received as a tattoo artist over the past 15 years. It’s time for me to join a happy movement and pay it forward. #duckingjeeps #duckingjeep #duckingjeepsarkansas
10/25/2020: The things I hang on to…. Memories.
10/23/2020: Pandora vs dinosaur femur… #pibble
10/19/2020: Who needs an alarm clock when you have one of these…. #pibble
10/16/2020: The “I haven’t posted a selfie in a while” selfie…
09/27/2020: What psychopath thought using particle board as a fraking SUBFLOOR was a good idea—in the moist American South no less!?!??
09/26/2020: “People assume that time is a strict progression from cause to effect, but actually–from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint–it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.” Methinks it’s time to start back in 1963, again… #DoctorWho
09/24/2020: Guilty pleasure 🤫
09/23/2020: Happy 36th birthday to my buddy! I hope you have a great day today, and I really hope you have a wonderful trip around the sun this year.
09/19/2020: Oooooo…. I want my own Stargate!
06/27/2020: Not as sandy as a lot of places, but still it’s palpable. Thanks 2020
06/27/2020: Walkabout organization skills
06/23/2020: Naked Meowingtonne looks angry about it
06/22/2020: Dilated
06/21/2020: Pandora even sleeps like she is all proper #pibble
06/20/2020: Why not?
06/17/2020: I made it to level 47! Somehow. Thank you to those that remembered… I love you.
06/16/2020: Who doesn’t like to play with themself?
06/16/2020: New shoes for Meowingtonne!
06/15/2020: Weirdest. Gloryholes. Ever.
06/15/2020: So… yeah. I’ve been working on this closet for a while. Or haven’t been… 🤦🏻‍♂️
06/12/2020: Four years ago today…
06/10/2020: A two bucket kind of day… And still no apocalypse.
06/08/2020: I’m making craters!
06/07/2020: That’s enough organizing for today. I’d say that counts as progress…
06/07/2020: Sunday task: Attempting to get my workshop somewhat “organized”…
06/01/2020: After the noodle incident, time to aerate where I’m standing…
06/01/2020: I’m pretty sure that bushing is bad… 🤔
05/29/2020: More with the whack-a-mole…
05/27/2020: (untitled)
05/26/2020: Nom nom nom
05/24/2020: Working on getting the hang of this…
05/22/2020: Look who we found!
05/21/2020: I’ve never complained about 10”… but a 10” door jamb?
05/17/2020: Pandora doing it froggy-style 🤣
05/16/2020: (untitled)
05/12/2020: Six years ago today, we were finally legally allowed to get married in Arkansas after having been together for 17 years prior. #lovewins
05/11/2020: Sexy gown 🤣
05/10/2020: Pandora just hanging out in the Japanese maple…
05/04/2020: Keeps going and going…
05/04/2020: Happy birthday to my wonderful Husbear. I know times have been tough as of late, but I hope this day is a wonderful day for you. And just like the many we have celebrated already, I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you. I love you.
04/30/2020: Another day, another Pandora picture
04/28/2020: Pandora is a lady…
04/28/2020: I guess I’m not allowed to use the stove any longer. My forgetfulness is getting worse, and I, well, this… 🤦🏻‍♂️
04/25/2020: Seems about right…
04/22/2020: Casualties. Lightning hit our house and traveled inside via the phone lines. Where it then proceeded to jump to some of the power circuits and take out the electronics. I guess the upside is that it didn’t burn the house down…
04/21/2020: When your air compressor decides to bust an important part in the middle of a project 🤦🏻‍♂️
04/18/2020: The “I shouldn’t be allowed to play with filters” selfie #idlehands
04/16/2020: Dam straight!
04/15/2020: This is an acceptable way to measure things, right?
04/15/2020: Day 22: we have arrived at the gruel portion of isolation
04/11/2020: I couldn’t get up even if I wanted to
04/09/2020: Soooo…. the next time I decide to do a ginormous project, someone slap me and remind me of this.
04/08/2020: Airing out
04/08/2020: ‘Tis the wisteria season…
04/03/2020: I think my pup is broken…
04/03/2020: French curves were all the decorating rage in the early 90s?
03/31/2020: Sleeping beauty
03/29/2020: I was apparently all forehead when I was a kid
03/27/2020: I may have gone a little ghetto today… #socialdistancing
03/24/2020: Tattoo studios in Arkansas closed by order of the Governor
03/23/2020: This made me laugh way too much
03/19/2020: Falkor!
03/16/2020: Studio procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic
03/16/2020: Studio procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic
03/04/2020: It’s not often I choke up, especially at my studio. Today I was given the most wonderful gift from the artists at my studio. Thank you all so very very much! I enjoy every day I get to spend working with you all. Thank you each so much for everything you do.
03/01/2020: Pandora surveying her domain #pibble #pibblesofinstagram
02/27/2020: Two years ago today I brought this little one home. She’s not so little any longer. #pibblesofinstagram #pibble
02/17/2020: This one… ️ #pibble #pibblesofinstagram
02/15/2020: This ham! #pibble #pibblesofinstagram
02/06/2020: Pandora either loves me, or thinks I’m a future meal… #pibble
01/30/2020: Hairs cut. Feeling aerodynamic
01/25/2020: If yer bored….
01/19/2020: Again with these two. They made my night.
01/19/2020: These two……
01/15/2020: Apparently Pandora felt I needed grooming
01/10/2020: I guess I should do a 2020 selfie. The beard needs to hurry up and grow back out a wee bit. Dang clipper incident. Until then, I’ll work the mustache
12/27/2019: 7-year-old me was apparently a dork…
12/26/2019: Pandora stared off motionless like this for about 10 minutes. I have no idea what she was doing or looking at. #pibble
12/23/2019: Newer rubber ducky. EMS! Thank you Michael and Jennifer!
12/20/2019: Can you believe these things are still printed?
12/19/2019: Sooooo… maybe dogs do match their humans?
12/12/2019: Come see me (and our other artists also) this Friday the 13th for both the last Friday the 13th of the decade, and to celebrate our studio’s 14th anniversary.
12/07/2019: I think it’s time… #permanentvacation #thismortalcoil
12/04/2019: At least someone is fond of me… #pibble
12/04/2019: That’s not good #bentonvillearkansas
11/27/2019: Rewatching 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and I forgot how, er, sexy James Mason as Captain Nemo was in that roll.
11/27/2019: Filtered. For your protection. #sick
11/24/2019: Happy 2nd birthday to my not-so-little Pandora. #pibble #pibblesofinstagram
11/21/2019: I’ll play along. I’m sure facial recognition software just loves this stuff! 2009 -> 2019. I guess this also counts as my #tbt.
11/19/2019: Feeling conductor-y, might pull a train later
11/18/2019: Catball
11/18/2019: It must be that time of year… the plants wouldn’t lie.
11/15/2019: Well, you can’t say I don’t use my Jeep…. 🤦🏻‍♂️
11/15/2019: I know we’re all tired of this meme, but this made me laugh way too hard. #DoctorWho
11/09/2019: Shhh…..
11/06/2019: Dearest facial hair, why have you decided to become all wavy?
11/05/2019: (untitled)
11/03/2019: I swear my dog is… special. #pitbullsofinstagram
10/22/2019: Autumn is rushing in faster than I want it to…
10/19/2019: Sooooo….. apparently I’m “special” 🤦🏻‍♂️
10/19/2019: Arkansas may have lost today, but I had a great time with these two!
10/19/2019: Razorback bathroom selfie…
10/19/2019: Our first Razorback game together…
10/19/2019: Patrick got Auburned… LOL
10/19/2019: My first in-stadium Razorback game!
10/16/2019: The strangest rubber ducky I’ve ever received! I’m going with rubber duckipus? And I frakin’ love it! Thank you Trent!
10/15/2019: Pandora in waiting…
09/29/2019: My bestest buddy out riding…
09/28/2019: I think Pandora is more accustomed to this stupid thing on my face than I am… #failingatbreathing #stupidCPAP #probablystillgoingtosuffocateinmysleep #atleastmydoglovesme
09/23/2019: Happy 35th birthday to my bestest buddy, Patrick! Love you!!
09/04/2019: Last night #nofilter
09/04/2019: Happy hour with these two… #imafishhead #theyarefishheadstoo
09/04/2019: Emerald-y…
09/04/2019: I guess that’s why it’s called the Emerald Coast…
09/04/2019: Had to step out of the sun for a bit and grab some grub…
09/03/2019: Firelight
09/03/2019: Chillaxing
09/03/2019: Ernest Hemingway titled a short novel the same as I was going to use for this picture….
09/03/2019: The thirst is real… #imafishhead
09/03/2019: This guy….
09/03/2019: Flocking
09/03/2019: From this morning #nofilter
09/03/2019: Snack break #imafishhead
09/03/2019: Good morning
09/02/2019: Relax
09/02/2019: Horizons
09/02/2019: Setting
09/02/2019: Without…
09/02/2019: Finally….
09/01/2019: New tattoo! May laser later if I don’t like
09/01/2019: It is!
09/01/2019: Rods and cones
09/01/2019: Washing away the tales from last night?
09/01/2019: On the ball…
09/01/2019: Art in repose…
08/31/2019: Perspective
08/31/2019: Stalky…
08/31/2019: That seems… excessive
08/31/2019: Angles
08/31/2019: Proud balcony
08/31/2019: Not named Desire
08/30/2019: Things happened. I think.
08/30/2019: Cloudless
08/29/2019: I’ve weirdly enough missed your craziness, NOLA.
08/15/2019: (untitled)
08/09/2019: Day one of the “post 7 book covers with no explanation” thingy…
08/04/2019: Wired….
08/02/2019: The Nothing… #walkabout #latergram
08/02/2019: Who broke the rainbow? #walkabout #latergram
08/01/2019: One last pass #walkabout #latergram
08/01/2019: Nooks and crannies #walkabout #latergram
08/01/2019: Zigzag #californiapass #walkabout #latergram
07/31/2019: Wet #californiapass #walkabout #latergram
07/31/2019: The view #walkabout #latergram
07/30/2019: Closed #blackbearpass #walkabout #latergram
07/30/2019: Waking up view #walkabout #latergram
07/30/2019: Abandoned #animasforks #walkabout #latergram
07/29/2019: This one. #walkabout #latergram
07/29/2019: Gratuitous @Meowingtonne #walkabout #layergram
07/29/2019: Don’t go chasing them? #imogenepass L #walkabout #latergram
07/29/2019: Upward #californiapass #walkabout #latergram
07/29/2019: Overlook #engineerpass #walkabout #latergram
07/29/2019: Avalanche cut-through. That’s a serious pile of snow! #corkscrewgulch #walkabout #latergram
07/29/2019: Upward… still. #engineerpass #walkabout #latergram
07/29/2019: Nerve racking #engineerpass #walkabout #latergram
07/28/2019: Cutting through #imogenepass #walkabout #latergram
07/28/2019: Closer. #bridalveilfalls #walkabout #latergram
07/28/2019: From a distance. #bridalveilfalls #walkabout #latergram
07/28/2019: Our home for a few days #walkabout #latergram
07/28/2019: Can I go back now? #walkabout #latergram
07/27/2019: Lonely #walkabout
07/27/2019: Morning from the Oklahoma panhandle… #walkabout
07/21/2019: Umm… is the pig supposed to look like it’s being torched?
07/20/2019: Dark
07/20/2019: The tongue made an appearance! I love and miss this guy! Congratulations to you! I love you!
07/20/2019: Congratulations to these two wonderful men on this day of their marriage, that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for an incredibly long time. I love you both so much, and am so happy for the two of you! #lovewins
07/19/2019: The view from my hotel room this evening…
07/18/2019: The beer of Time Lords?
07/15/2019: Walmart bathroom selfie. Because I’m feeling a little too “daddy” looking today…
07/15/2019: 22 years with this guy, and I still want him to hold my hand… #Hootieandtheblowfish #amplivefeed
07/14/2019: Almost Barenaked Ladies and Hootie & the Blowfish time! #amplivefeed
07/14/2019: I palindrome I
07/01/2019: I will never forget the moment I realized I loved you. Happy 22nd anniversary to my Husbear. #loveislove #lovewins
06/28/2019: Happy Friday. Hopefully.
06/25/2019: So… Waffle House
06/24/2019: I’m her pillow now…
06/19/2019: Thank you, Tom (@tommyjosz) for the awesome artwork! I love it!
06/15/2019: I love the support and love I get from every single human here. Happy Pride!
06/15/2019: I ️ these people!
06/15/2019: Happy Pride!!! (Thank you to Abby for the awesome picture!)
06/15/2019: Happy Pride!
06/06/2019: I think I fit that definition. Happy Pride month! #pride #throwbackthursday (Thank you to my buddy Dwayne @big_dfh for the photo)
05/06/2019: This is still how I see myself mentally: the dork hiding in the back row in an effort to not get beat up. #1986
05/04/2019: May the Fourth be with you… always. #starwarsday #doctorwho
05/04/2019: Happiest of birthdays to my wonderful Husbear, @arhairyman. Thank you for being by my side these 21+ years, and thank you for taking care of me. I love you so much.
04/25/2019: Beard evolution via my gravatars…
04/24/2019: Tempest
04/23/2019: As much as I loathe Wisteria, it does make the back patio extremely pretty… for a time
04/22/2019: Reposting this picture of the Husbear and myself taken by @big_dfh, because I like it.
04/22/2019: Thank you, NOLA. See you next time. #frenchquarter #NOLA
04/21/2019: Elvis #frenchquarter #NOLA
04/21/2019: Someone was done #frenchquarter #NOLA
04/21/2019: Tile #frenchquarter #nola
04/20/2019: Look into the blast #frenchquarter #nola
04/20/2019: It’s literally a basket with a biscuit in it. The only thing on the menu I can have. #frenchquarter #nola #renalfailure
04/20/2019: Overreach #frenchquarter #NOLA #jacksonsquare
04/20/2019: All by myself… #frenchquarter #nola
04/20/2019: I do. #frenchquarter #nola
04/20/2019: The Husbear and I
04/20/2019: The spot
04/20/2019: Peepholes
04/20/2019: Signage
04/20/2019: Steel
04/20/2019: Color
04/20/2019: Morning light
04/20/2019: A blue door
04/19/2019: (untitled)
04/19/2019: Multi directional
04/19/2019: Mmm….
04/19/2019: Rays
04/19/2019: Look who I found!! It’s Beta Mike!
04/18/2019: Home Second Home…
04/18/2019: Are we there yet? And why is it so bright?
04/18/2019: Oh Mississippi, bless your heart…
04/14/2019: The hell you say?
04/07/2019: There’s a fire in the sky tonight…
03/08/2019: Her highness is apparently interested in what’s on the television…
03/06/2019: I received a plethora of rubber duckies this weekend from my peeps. Thank y’all so dang much! I love y’all!
02/21/2019: Pandora figuring out the difference between running Windows and licking windows…..
02/21/2019: Squareducky! Thank you, Bestest buddy!
02/08/2019: Surprise loot in the mail today. Thank you, Craig!
02/08/2019: I think I need this… LOL
02/06/2019: (untitled)
02/05/2019: This installation sums up my mental state the last few months. I apologize to all those I’ve hurt, disappointed, and let down. I can’t promise I won’t hurt you again, but I really am trying the best I can.
02/04/2019: I may be 45 years old, but this very, very old picture of me is how I feel on the inside most days: that geeky little introverted nerd who doesn’t know how to handle social interaction
02/02/2019: 1991. Why were my ears so stickey-outey then? And what’s with my hair?
01/30/2019: (untitled)
01/29/2019: Thinking about revisiting a look from four years ago… hmm…
01/29/2019: I have apparently reached the “crazy” level of my life…
01/28/2019: That can’t be comfortable…
01/25/2019: Missing my family…
01/25/2019: Update on hospital stay…
01/22/2019: If it was only that easy…
01/20/2019: Everyone else is looking at the blood moon, and here I am staring off into Orion. And impressed my phone captures so clean a photo.
01/19/2019: I’ve been discharged from hospital and just got home. Thank you to everyone for your well-wishes and positive energy, and thank you to everyone who came to spend time with me. I love you all! Now to get some rest.
01/19/2019: And yet…
01/18/2019: Carnac the Magnificent still can’t read your thoughts…
01/17/2019: Seriously… me in hospital this week. /ugh
01/17/2019: Does this mean I finally went digital? I’ll be wearing this puppy for up to the next 24 hours.
01/17/2019: The Husbear was being a smart-ass and took this picture. I need to tan.
01/16/2019: The sucky thing about being a fall risk: having to page the nurse every time I need use the water closet.
01/15/2019: Overnight stay after being here since 10 am. I keep getting dizzy and passing out at random. Being poked and prodded and observed all night.
01/14/2019: My people. ️️️
01/12/2019: Hmm… 10 years difference. #tenyearchallenge
01/10/2019: Rest In Peace, James. Even though we never met in person, thank you for the friendship and conversations. Every time I see this card you sent me I still giggle a little. Many hugs to your family and all the other people you had an impact on.
01/10/2019: (untitled)
12/28/2018: Updates
12/25/2018: Pandora seems… comfortable
12/25/2018: Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night….
12/21/2018: That’s almost 500ml I’m short now…
12/19/2018: Does anyone else smell toast?
12/05/2018: Happenings and such
12/04/2018: I’m home. Thank you to all who sent positive vibes my way. I’ll update more details later, but for now I just need to rest.
12/04/2018: Not how I intended to spend my day. Extreme dizziness, blood pressure bouncing all over the place, nausea, blurry vision.
12/02/2018: Truth be told, every single moment of my existence…
11/29/2018: 300 new cards! Reading these might cheer me up. I need to play this again soon with friends. #cardsagainsthumanity
11/28/2018: Mood
11/25/2018: A great night out tonight with these guys (plus Brian, missing from the photo!) seeing Will Brand in his Garth Brooks tribute show.
11/23/2018: Happy first birthday to my not so little girl, Pandora.
11/15/2018: 12 of 12, November 2018 edition
11/10/2018: 17°F? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
11/09/2018: Pandora is amused by something in this game.
11/06/2018: These two… #timemachinetuesday
10/25/2018: So I remember. In theory.
10/19/2018: This happened tonight.
10/16/2018: 12 of 12, October 2018 edition
10/06/2018: Oh Nosferatu….
10/06/2018: “I want to relieve.”
10/03/2018: Today
09/30/2018: Dinner date with this Husbear of mine.
09/23/2018: Waiting… #fauna #pibble
09/22/2018: New presents. Thank you, @griesedieck_brothers_garage! I’m glad you enjoyed your travels, and thought of me.
09/20/2018: 2008… It’s been a while. #tbt
09/13/2018: Post-parade party favors… #southerndecadence #latergram
09/13/2018: Poor thing… #bourbonstreet #latergram
09/13/2018: 12 of 12, September 2018 edition
09/12/2018: Old man and the sea. #latergram #isittimetogobackyet
09/11/2018: Turbulent turbulent day. #latergram #iwantotogoback
09/11/2018: Splash. #latergram #alreadywanttogoback
09/05/2018: Him.
09/05/2018: To quote Nelson: “After the rain…”
09/05/2018: Ephemeral.
09/04/2018: I kinda smile… sometimes.
09/04/2018: Wood.
09/03/2018: Channeling my inner Hemingway…
09/03/2018: Contrast
09/01/2018: Dear Bourbon Street, you never fail to disappoint.
08/31/2018: Similar.
08/31/2018: Don’t blink, I have head pigeons.
08/31/2018: Robobug is robo.
08/31/2018: Sounds like a good plan to me.
08/29/2018: This guy!
08/29/2018: D minor.
08/29/2018: Worst. Movie. Ever.
08/29/2018: Here I go, here I go, here I go again (again?)
08/29/2018: Good morning, NOLA!
08/29/2018: Oh, NOLA, you never fail to amuse me.
08/24/2018: (untitled)
08/24/2018: (untitled)
08/18/2018: “We have normality, I repeat, we have normality! Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problems.” #chucks
08/17/2018: I feel like I’m wearing adult shoes today. I don’t like it. #neednewchucks
08/17/2018: Remember those woven rugs your grandma had on the floor…?
08/16/2018: Slowly swimming into the seas of “dad bod”… one beer at a time.
08/15/2018: 12 of 12, August 2018 edition
08/12/2018: Over the river… #wareaglemill
08/12/2018: A plethora of Happy!
08/11/2018: I was honored to be able to tattoo the Disney character closest to my heart today: Figment! And on someone also close to my heart: @beta_mike! Thank you so much!
08/10/2018: Swirly. #bentoncountyfair
08/10/2018: Perspective. #bentoncountyfair
08/10/2018: Disco slide. #bentoncountyfair
08/10/2018: Dervish. #bentoncountyfair
08/10/2018: Whirling. #bentoncountyfair
08/10/2018: A little movement. #bentoncountyfair
08/10/2018: Lights. #bentoncountyfair
08/10/2018: Colors… #bentoncountyfair
08/10/2018: I’m fortunate and happy that my bestest buddy Patrick was able to join the Husbear and me on this way-too-quick adventure. #sprintabout2018
08/10/2018: Detritus. #imogenepass #sprintabout2018
08/10/2018: Natural environment. #sprintabout2018
08/10/2018: Playing in the river. #sprintabout2018
08/10/2018: Riverstomp. #sprintabout2018
08/10/2018: To the other side. #willisgulch #sprintabout2018
08/09/2018: Das smooch. #imogenepass #sprintabout2018
08/09/2018: Going up. #sneffelswilderness #sprintabout2018
08/09/2018: This guy… #tomboyghosttown #sprintabout2018
08/09/2018: Cairn building… #imogenepass #sprintabout2018
08/09/2018: Really rural delivery… #imogenepass #sprintabout2018
08/09/2018: They eventually got out… #imogenepass #sprintabout2018
08/09/2018: Just a trickle this time of year. #bridalveilfalls #sprintabout2018
08/08/2018: Top of Black Bear Pass… #blackbearpass #jagermeister #sprintabout2018
08/08/2018: That was the easy part! #blackbearpass #jeeplife #sprintabout2018
08/08/2018: Up in the sky… #molaspass #nofilterneeded
08/08/2018: Day 5. Home after 479 miles today. #sprintabout2018
08/07/2018: Day 4. 577 miles. Rarely in a straight line either. #sprintabout2018
08/06/2018: Day 3. Black Bear Pass and Imogene Pass. #sprintabout2018
08/05/2018: The Husbear pondering… #sprintabout2018
08/05/2018: This little guy… #sprintabout2018
08/05/2018: On the way… #sprintabout2018
08/05/2018: Day 2. 540 miles. Made it to Ouray, CO. #sprintabout2018
08/04/2018: Day 1. 441 miles. Oklahoma, why do you have to be so… long? #sprintabout2018
08/04/2018: Saturday selfie. Is that a thing?
08/03/2018: (untitled)
08/03/2018: Someone had her all-clear vet visit this morning. And I think she prefers riding in the Jeep. #pitbullsofinstagram
08/02/2018: William Clark Green at JBGB.
08/02/2018: William Clark Green, y’all! Thank you, Shawna!
07/30/2018: These guys! I love them both. #straightbros
07/20/2018: It’s one of those days…
07/20/2018: (untitled)
07/19/2018: Not sure how I’m feeling about these natural highlights I’ve developed over time…
07/17/2018: Happy and Love in the post today! Going to spread some of both in NW Arkansas.
07/15/2018: 12 of 12, July 2018 edition
07/15/2018: Long time no see IRL, Daniel. Great to see you again!
07/06/2018: All the feels….
07/05/2018: Tales from yesterday…
07/05/2018: Tales from last night.
07/02/2018: Post-bath napping. #pibble
07/01/2018: Happy anniversary to my Husbear of 21 years. I guess time really does fly when we’re having fun! I am so lucky to have you as my husband, and I love you so very much. #loveislove #lovewins
06/29/2018: Belated birthday surprise in the post. Thank you Mark and Ben!
06/28/2018: And… this is my shirt for tonight. #cws #arkansasrazorbacks #omahogs
06/28/2018: There. I helped. Again. #arkansasrazorbacks #omahogs
06/27/2018: There. You’re welcome. #arkansasrazorbacks #omahogs
06/26/2018: Poor Meg… I think it’s about to get a mouthful.
06/19/2018: Face!
06/19/2018: Shenanigans! #ilovetheseguys
06/13/2018: 12 of 12, June 2018 edition
06/13/2018: Pandora was sitting leaning against me and snoring…
06/08/2018: I almost missed this one, but today is #nationalbestfriendday. I am fortunate to have two: one is my Husbear; and then I have my bestest buddy Patrick. This man means more to me than I could ever express adequately in words. Thank you Patrick for everything you have done for me. I love you.
06/08/2018: Pending
06/06/2018: Update on Monday’s attack. (Also, you can find me back on Facebook at Erik Rubright if you’re so inclined.)
06/05/2018: So… I’m just going to say, it still happens in 2018. Two attackers. One had me, and the other my bestest buddy. Just home from hospital now. I thank my bestest buddy for being there and doing all he could do. I hope he knows how much I love him; and am glad he was there, because this could have ended much worse. Sad thing is, he and I, as well as the attackers, all got tickets because the local PD didn’t know who did what.
06/04/2018: Old and new. #walkabout
06/04/2018: Good morning, Oklahoma panhandle. #walkabout
06/03/2018: Higher than the clouds on this mesa in New Mexico. #johnsonmesa #walkabout
06/03/2018: They be rollin’… #walkabout
06/03/2018: Mountainset… #ouray #walkabout
06/03/2018: Silverton fire. Not a fun thing. #walkabout
06/03/2018: More@gratuitous jeepiness… #walkabout
06/03/2018: Dam #walkabout
06/03/2018: Gates of hell? Or a really sweet BDSM bar entrance? #walkabout
06/03/2018: Gratuitous dirty Jeep in the mountains. #walkabout
06/03/2018: Imagine working there… #walkabout
06/03/2018: Imagine living there…. #walkabout
06/02/2018: Mountain behr. #walkabout
06/02/2018: Stopping for lunch. #placergulch #walkabout
06/02/2018: Gettin’ deep. #californiapass #walkabout
06/02/2018: Anyone lose a boiler? #californiapass #walkabout
06/02/2018: Gratuitous “made it there” shot. #californiapass #walkabout
06/02/2018: When you’re hoping the ice sheet decides not to slip… #hurricanepass #walkabout
06/02/2018: Ice rink? #hurricanepass #walkabout
06/02/2018: Cuttin’ through… #hurricanepass #walkabout
06/02/2018: Cold at the top #walkabout
06/02/2018: Tops… #corkscrewpass #walkabout
06/02/2018: And up and up… #corkscrewgultch #walkabout
06/02/2018: And it begins again… #corkscrewgultch #walkabout
06/02/2018: Frames #ironton #walkabout
06/02/2018: Formerly fancy. #ironton #walkabout
06/02/2018: Open floor concept #ironton #walkabout
06/01/2018: Apparently my shoulders are wider than I thought…
06/01/2018: Dirty boy. #meowingtonne #walkabout
06/01/2018: Semi-PDA #walkbout
06/01/2018: Thunderous. #walkabout
06/01/2018: No more room in heaven. #leadville #walkabout
06/01/2018: Not a rocket launcher. #leadville #walkabout
05/31/2018: Balanced. #walkabout #topoftherockiesscenicbyway
05/31/2018: Abandoned #independencepass #walkabout #topoftherockiesscenicbyway
05/31/2018: Go with the flow. #ripplecreekpass
05/31/2018: Slowly disappearing. #walkabout #ripplecreekpass
05/31/2018: Classic. #walkabout
05/31/2018: Not as advertised.
05/30/2018: Dirty men on a mountain… #walkabout
05/30/2018: Mountain… behr? #walkabout #nofilter
05/30/2018: Windy…. #walkabout
05/30/2018: Winter wonderland? #walkabout
05/30/2018: You think? #walkabout
05/30/2018: Rustic. #sheephornmountain #walkabout
05/30/2018: Windblown. #sheephornmountain #walkabout
05/30/2018: Rolling. #sheephornmountain #walkabout
05/30/2018: Someone appears excited about breakfast. #walkabout
05/29/2018: So close… #boreaspass #walkabout
05/29/2018: Big Thunder Railroad? #boreaspass #walkabout
05/29/2018: Top off. #boreaspass #walkaway
05/29/2018: Pristine… mostly. #boreaspass #walkabout
05/29/2018: Coldness… #boreaspass #walkabout
05/29/2018: It’s a pretty way towards Breckenridge. #boreaspass #walkabout
05/29/2018: Blue #boreaspass #walkabout
05/29/2018: Choices. #walkabout
05/29/2018: Someone was a little… shook up. #haydenpass #walkabout #jeeplife
05/29/2018: Downhill. #haydenpass #walkabout
05/29/2018: So bumpy my teeth are still rattling. #haydenpass #walkabout #jeeplife
05/29/2018: Going down… #haydenpass #walkabout
05/29/2018: He wouldn’t walk across it….. #walkabout
05/28/2018: You had me at “free delivery”. #walkabout
05/28/2018: Fancy stabby things. #walkabout
05/28/2018: End of this line. #hermitpass #walkabout #jeeplife
05/28/2018: As high as this pass takes us. #walkabout #hermitpass
05/28/2018: The road so far… #walkabout #hermitpass
05/28/2018: First snowpack. #walkabout #hermitpass
05/28/2018: Still climbing… #walkabout #hermitpass
05/28/2018: Going up! #walkabout
05/28/2018: Head for the mountains…. #walkabout
05/27/2018: Day 1: 575 miles. Kansas, why are you so wide? #walkabout
05/27/2018: Oh Kansas… you just keep going. #walkabout #jeeplife
05/27/2018: Somewhere in Kansas. #walkabout #jeeplife
05/26/2018: I’m not as think as your drunk I am.
05/25/2018: An awesome handmade surprise in the mail today from the great Spo! Thank you so much! I love it! Doctor Who forever!
05/25/2018: I don’t even think they attempted to think up a name for this compilation…
05/24/2018: “You are not the father!”: DNA test with company #2 on its way. Let’s see if this one turns up any biological relatives. #adoptedkidproblems
05/22/2018: Service me.
05/19/2018: There’s more about this picture that symbolizes me than people probably know.
05/15/2018: Nosey…
05/14/2018: Monday peeps.
05/13/2018: 12 of 12, May 2018 edition
05/13/2018: Neither of us realized what the other was wearing… until the cashier at Tractor Supply pointed to out. #nottwinsies
05/11/2018: I’ll be your Jurassic Ranger today. Keep your arms and legs attached to your body at all times.
05/10/2018: Summer haircut…
05/09/2018: These two guys! I adore them both. #latergram #butalwaysworthposting
05/09/2018: Methinks someone left Meowingtonne an offering of some sort…?
05/07/2018: Help me, baby Cheezus.
05/05/2018: It’s been 20+ years since I was last on a bike. I missed it. Thank you, Patrick for letting me take a ride.
05/05/2018: Suggestion
05/05/2018: Does this helmet make me look special?
05/04/2018: @meowingtonne was clean before I left for work… 🤪
05/04/2018: Happy birthday to my wonderful Husbear, @arhairyman. Y’all go give him some birthday love. Or lovin’.
05/02/2018: My blue day has gone purple. Thank you to two separate clients for such awesome gifts!
05/02/2018: Belated tummy Tuesday. Really needing to find a workout partner in the late evenings. I don’t have enough self discipline.
04/29/2018: Refills….
04/29/2018: Someone’s tired.
04/29/2018: Nature always wins.
04/28/2018: The fuck??
04/27/2018: Attempting to blend in with my surroundings… to observe the natives.
04/22/2018: I make a good pillow….
04/21/2018: I’ll behave… I promise. #pitbullsofinstagram
04/20/2018: One of those days where I want to maim/destroy/yell/cry for no known reason. So I’m going to sit in the sun and eat a sandwich that contains more sodium than I’m allowed in a week, and see if it helps.
04/20/2018: (untitled)
04/19/2018: 10 years ago…. #tbt
04/19/2018: It still makes me smile… even though no one has ever seemed to notice. #whovian #jeeplife
04/19/2018: When your head now pretty much takes up the entire length of the frame… #isthereahashtagforbeardlength
04/19/2018: They’re up to something…
04/16/2018: The thirst is real.
04/13/2018: 12 of 12, April 2018 edition
04/10/2018: I got my first set of glasses in about 5 years. This may take a bit to get accustomed to.
04/09/2018: Lap dog? Time for Pandora’s next checkup.
04/07/2018: Chop chop
04/07/2018: Seriously Arkansas, WTF?
04/04/2018: I’m already ready to go back. #NOLA #frenchquarter
04/02/2018: Easter debris. #NOLA #frenchquarter
04/01/2018: Always one short…
04/01/2018: Good morning, Old Man River.
03/31/2018: Family! #nola #frenchquarter
03/31/2018: Obligatory Touchdown Jesus! #nola #frenchquarter
03/30/2018: Guess where?
03/29/2018: 2004. Trying to camouflage myself in with the locals… #tbt
03/28/2018: Circley…
03/27/2018: Colours..
03/27/2018: Seriously. When did dentists stop pulling teeth?
03/26/2018: Nailed it!
03/26/2018: Millions of peaches…
03/26/2018: Think about it.
03/24/2018: Box car derby… sans wheels.
03/23/2018: National Puppy Day? One of these is still a puppy! #fauna
03/22/2018: A wee bit ago in 2005 or 2006. I miss those spectacles. #tbt
03/22/2018: Can I go back to bed. For the rest of the week?
03/21/2018: Nap time.
03/21/2018: Butterflies on a mom and son.
03/21/2018: Mechanical (work in progress).
03/21/2018: The Husbear talked me into doing this on him.
03/20/2018: #DeleteFacebook
03/19/2018: Pandora’s first visit to the vet. Here’s hoping this goes well.
03/18/2018: 32 ounces of… evil. I like evil.
03/17/2018: I lost me lucky charms….
03/17/2018: Happy St.Patducks Day!
03/16/2018: “Reach for the sky!” New rubber ducky from clients. #rubberduck
03/15/2018: That one horrible time in 2014 when someone called me a “daddy”. And then my laser eyes came out. #tbt
03/14/2018: New rubber duckies from a client! #rubberduck
03/13/2018: I’m afraid to move lest I wake her.
03/13/2018: 12 of 12, March 2018 edition
03/10/2018: Beer:30!
03/09/2018: I chose… wisely.
02/28/2018: And… I’m not a dog person.
02/28/2018: Today’s T-shirt of awesomeness. Thank you to @fozzy_bear77 for the win!
02/28/2018: Meet Pandora.
02/25/2018: Soulshine.
02/22/2018: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. also known as 1991. #tbt
02/16/2018: Two years difference. Mostly from diet change. One of these days I might actually exercise….
02/14/2018: Attempting to get some sun while it is warm between clients.
02/13/2018: 12 of 12, February 2018 edition
02/10/2018: Frozen tears of a clown…
02/05/2018: As it should be.
01/31/2018: Apparently, I’m a basic white bitch… #23andme
01/29/2018: But I like the pole!
01/25/2018: Hairs cut, everywhere.
01/19/2018: What do you mean it’s not OSHA approved eye protection??
01/18/2018: A long time ago, also called 2001. I didn’t take up much space, but I was definitely an oddity. #tbt
01/17/2018: Skeleton man is creepin’…
01/15/2018: So… apparently I’m not allowed to dress myself any longer.
01/15/2018: Arbour.
01/15/2018: Stance.
01/15/2018: Tracks.
01/15/2018: Snowfall.
01/15/2018: And… Snow. Snowed. Snowing.
01/14/2018: I have no idea what they’re staring at… other than both want to be let out.
01/13/2018: 12 of 12, January 2018 edition
01/10/2018: I’ve been discharged and am home. Just monitoring my condition. The doctors are leaning towards it having been a muscle spasm of some sorts, but nothing detectable in all the labs. I just know I’d like to never experience that again. Now to get a little actual rest. And to peel all these frakin’ things off without removing too much hair. I swear they stuck these in all the places they didn’t shave.
01/10/2018: Meh
01/09/2018: The irony is not lost upon me…
01/09/2018: And now we wait. And get poked. And prodded.
01/09/2018: Today didn’t start off well. Cardiac “event”. My first time in hospital.
01/04/2018: Well then…. 🤪
01/01/2018: Can we talk about climate change?
12/31/2017: Seems appropriately named….
12/30/2017: It’s going to be one of those days…. Keep swiping.
12/29/2017: Apparently that’s a team?
12/29/2017: On a school night, even!
12/28/2017: Most difficult test I’ve ever taken. I’m normally not a spitter.
12/28/2017: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. #throwbackthursday
12/27/2017: Methinks my fashion sense has spilled over into old man land…
12/25/2017: Too risqué for Xmas?
12/24/2017: Early merry Christmas!
12/24/2017: She’s comfortable, apparently.
12/24/2017: Some “humans” abandoned this little girl on our road, and she made her way to our house. Below freezing out, and no winter coat. She’s so lovable.
12/23/2017: Outfit upgrade complete.
12/23/2017: There, I enhanced it with twig and berries! 🤪 (The artist-formerly-known-as-apprentice won’t miss them…)
12/23/2017: Borrrrrrrrrring stocking cap!
12/23/2017: Well then…
12/22/2017: Why have I never heard of this? This sounds awesome!
12/22/2017: Rubber ducks from awesome clients! Thank you, Mike and Tracey! Miss you guys, and merry Christmas!
12/22/2017: I’m helping, that’s all that matters. Right?
12/21/2017: A horny Christmas?
12/20/2017: A Fargo Christmas…
12/19/2017: Woo hoo! Thank you, @paintitmatteblack
12/17/2017: Appropriate card against humanity?
12/15/2017: Nativity rubber ducks! Thank you, Arlen!
12/15/2017: Hmm…. I’m not sure…
12/15/2017: Beard, trimmed. Thank you, Husbear @arhairyman.
12/14/2017: It’s cold in here, and time has stopped.
12/13/2017: 12 of 12, December 2017 edition
12/11/2017: “I am not an animalllllllllll!!!”
12/11/2017: Methinks Apple got this “Fluffy Friends” memory not quite right.
12/09/2017: About as yaksmassy as I get.
12/01/2017: Ever wondered how many pictures exist of yourself where you’re in the background?
12/01/2017: This could lead to shenanigans. Thank you, Craig!
11/29/2017: Historic American rubber duckys! Thank you, @chris.martin.65.
11/24/2017: All I can say is, it’s about frakin’ time.
11/23/2017: Found an old family cemetery on a ridge near the house while driving around.
11/20/2017: This means something different in my world…. #builttocatch
11/19/2017: Life
11/18/2017: Hanging on.
11/15/2017: Client-inspired Phoenix. #odysseytattoo72712 (And I need to get better at posting…)
11/15/2017: Does anyone else smell toast?
11/13/2017: 12 of 12, November 2017 edition
11/10/2017: Tonight’s pallette…
11/08/2017: Ya done gone and broke the dog again.
11/06/2017: Lady in waiting.
11/04/2017: The irony of not knowing flow order?
11/04/2017: Approximate slug is approximate.
11/04/2017: I’m in love with this!
11/02/2017: Seven days, seven photos in black and white of your everyday life. No explanation; no people. Day 7 of 7.
11/01/2017: Seven days, seven photos in black and white of your everyday life. No explanation; no people. Day 6 of 7.
11/01/2017: Presents in the mail today that make me happy! Figment and EPCOT. Thank you, @beta_mike!
10/31/2017: Seven days, seven photos in black and white of your everyday life. No explanation; no people. Day 5 of 7.
10/30/2017: Seven days, seven photos in black and white of your everyday life. No explanation; no people. Day 4 of 7.
10/29/2017: Seven days, seven photos in black and white of your everyday life. No explanation; no people. Day 3 of 7.
10/28/2017: Seven days, seven photos in black and white of your everyday life. No explanation; no people. Day 2 of 7.
10/27/2017: Seven days, seven photos in black and white of your everyday life. No explanation; no people. Day 1 of 7.
10/24/2017: When a sex song you have forgotten about bubbles up at random…
10/24/2017: Fun Jack. #odysseytattoo72712
10/23/2017: I’ll take at least one of each, please.
10/21/2017: I’m happy with my beard. Today. And Pickle Rick, bitches!
10/19/2017: There goes the diet….
10/19/2017: Lights… camera… action.
10/19/2017: Not too shabby a show, Ms. Jackson. #sotwtour #sotwkcmo
10/19/2017: Not to shabby on the seats #SOTWKCMO
10/19/2017: Floating cheese wheel best not fall. (And dear Instagram, what’s with the line going down the left side?)
10/18/2017: Methinks Hell hath frozen over.
10/18/2017: Octophant, or Elepus? (First sitting.) #odysseytattoo72712
10/18/2017: Don’t grab the bull? #odysseytattoo72712
10/13/2017: So much canvas still left empty…
10/13/2017: 12 of 12, October 2017 edition
10/07/2017: My brain sees “The Lord’s Supper” for some reason.
10/07/2017: Fishy. (First sitting) #odysseytattoo72712
10/06/2017: This can’t end well… or it will end very well! Thank you, @griesedieck_brothers_garage!
10/05/2017: Meditation. (Apologies in the stencil remaining.) #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Which way to go? #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Little add-ons. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Gaia. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Pew pew? #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Floral add-on. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Eyes. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Bjorkwolf. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Melt with me. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Truth. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Skully. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Chakra stack. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Le mew. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Charms. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Pew pew. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Ashen. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Point and shoot. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Music man. #odysseytattoo72712 #latergram
10/05/2017: Awesome Shetland Viking rubber ducky from an awesome client. Thank you, Julie!
10/02/2017: This is how you become a dancing queen: beer tasting samples.
09/29/2017: Handsy. #odysseytattoo72712
09/29/2017: Attitude. #odysseytattoo72712
09/29/2017: Le mew. #odysseytattoo72712
09/28/2017: A little afternoon sunshine between clients.
09/28/2017: Hef. #odysseytattoo72712
09/28/2017: Silly Walks. #odysseytattoo72712
09/28/2017: Love. #odysseytattoo72712
09/27/2017: Thank you for the dahlias, Stephanie!
09/27/2017: Hmm…
09/24/2017: Happy.
09/24/2017: Weird… one of our banana plants is blooming.
09/23/2017: Happiest of birthdays to my bestest buddy, @p0mccla! I hope your day today is most excellent, and your year filled with awesomeness. I love you, buddy!
09/22/2017: Guilty pleasure.
09/22/2017: Evening palette.
09/22/2017: Firefighter. (2nd session) #odysseytattoo72712
09/22/2017: Howling at the… sun?
09/22/2017: Treevis. #odysseytattoo72712
09/22/2017: Gone golfing. (Sorry about all the stencil stuff still present.) #odysseytattoo72712
09/22/2017: Fun tattoo from a great client who came to see me all the way from Georgia. (Also, I’ve been posting most of my tattoo work over on my “work” account if you want a look-see.)
09/22/2017: Family-related. #odysseytattoo72712
09/22/2017: First sitting on fireman sleeve. #odysseytattoo72712
09/22/2017: There be stars… (letter already existed from another artist). #odysseytattoo72712
09/22/2017: Locket and Key. #odysseytattoo72712
09/19/2017: Methinks the hotdogs on my socks look more like… wieners.
09/15/2017: Still not sure about this style of undies… and my belly.
09/15/2017: Happy loot! Thank you, @pantone811. Time to spread some happy around NWA.
09/14/2017: Harpooned again!
09/13/2017: 12 of 12, September 2017 edition
09/11/2017: And… empty.
09/11/2017: For my peeps back in Apopka…
09/11/2017: And… then there’s just creep AF.
09/08/2017: Army patch add-on. #odysseytattoo72712
09/08/2017: Tube (still swollen) #odysseytattoo72712
09/08/2017: Crank yanker. #odysseytattoo72712
09/05/2017: And… we’re home.
09/05/2017: Meh. #nofilter
09/05/2017: Goodbye NOLA. Until next time.
09/04/2017: Gaslighting.
09/04/2017: Well then….
09/04/2017: Forward.
09/04/2017: Necessities.
09/04/2017: Unsatisfying.
09/04/2017: Persons of undesirable character.
09/04/2017: Proud
09/04/2017: Someone either had a bad night, or a really good one.
09/04/2017: Checking out.
09/04/2017: Tebowing
09/04/2017: Red in the face.
09/04/2017: Nude ghost descending staircase.
09/04/2017: Body image.
09/04/2017: On record
09/04/2017: Now interviewing…
09/04/2017: A fun Sunday!
09/04/2017: Accidentally artful.
09/04/2017: Tales from yesterday.
09/03/2017: This sailor.
09/03/2017: I love her.
09/03/2017: He doesn’t know I took this…
09/03/2017: Next tattoo?
09/03/2017: Are lips are sealed.
09/03/2017: Don’t blink.
09/03/2017: This is not the Brady Bunch intro remember.
09/03/2017: Peking.
09/03/2017: And… he’s a hottie. But totally straight.
09/02/2017: Umm… someone stole my look.
09/02/2017: Sunset.
09/02/2017: Scribbles.
09/02/2017: Arrrr……
09/02/2017: Fleet week?
09/02/2017: Hmm… they are supposed to be mustard and ketchup squeeze bottles, but all I see are TARDISes.
09/02/2017: Francis Ford.
09/02/2017: Lush.
09/02/2017: Tall.
09/02/2017: Sold.
09/02/2017: Framed
09/02/2017: Rapture.
09/02/2017: Accessories.
09/02/2017: Touchdown!!!!
09/02/2017: Not cotton candy. At least the candy version.
09/01/2017: Dear Christians: these guys are one reason the rest of humanity doesn’t care for you. #lovewins
09/01/2017: Happy thoughts.
09/01/2017: Victuals.
09/01/2017: Stop yelling at me, Scar!
09/01/2017: Someone wanted… in?
08/31/2017: Just ducky.
08/31/2017: Love is a battlefield #nola #southerndecadence
08/31/2017: Hopes and aspirations.
08/31/2017: Nap.
08/30/2017: It begins…
08/30/2017: Covered.
08/30/2017: Lucky, dog.
08/29/2017: Well, I didn’t need a straw anyway.
08/29/2017: Exile. Day 2.
08/29/2017: Dune
08/28/2017: Not the Vegas skyline.
08/28/2017: Worst. Margarita. Machine. Ever.
08/28/2017: When you notice someone failed typography…
08/28/2017: Empty. Mostly.
08/28/2017: The Nothing is coming. At least something is….
08/28/2017: He actually doesn’t need the bib… everyone around him does.
08/28/2017: Contemplating
08/28/2017: Shiny shiny disco ball.
08/28/2017: Sunblockiness.
08/28/2017: Beachiness.
08/28/2017: Colour.
08/28/2017: Hello beach.
08/25/2017: First sitting on this fireman.
08/24/2017: Methinks I just figured out my next tattoo.
08/21/2017: Surprise guests!
08/21/2017: In my hand. #eclipse2017
08/21/2017: Who needs special glasses? #eclipse2017
08/21/2017: The “waiting for Meowingtonne to get his oil changed” look.
08/20/2017: May it be with you. Always.
08/19/2017: Eagle, fresh and angry.
08/19/2017: A couple days old and they’re already dirty. This is why I can’t have nice things. #chucks
08/19/2017: Burn with me.
08/19/2017: Snake, under arm.
08/19/2017: A little paisley.
08/18/2017: Who’s going to NOLA for Southern Decadence?
08/18/2017: 12 of 12, August 2017 edition
08/18/2017: Mystery ducks from a mystery client. #rubberduck
08/15/2017: A dirty Jeep is a happy Jeep.
08/15/2017: My first bracelet? (Repost, with personal info squiggled)
08/14/2017: “And the cats in the car with the glitter bomb…” (sung to the tune of ‘Cats in the Cradle’). Thanks to @p0mccla for the song, and @arhairyman for the card. And love.