12 of 12, August 2018 edition

12 of 12:

The 12 of 12 Challenge was created by Chad Darnell and picked up by a number of random bloggers who linked back to him and vice versa. Chad stopped doing the 12 of 12 Challenge in December 2011, but passed the torch to someone who hasn’t kept up with it. I am giving my shout-out to Blobby of Blobby’s Blog as he is the one who initially inspired me to do the Challenge, and he still does it as well.

This is my 80th “12 of 12”! A Sunday. A somewhat busy Sunday. Two different friends from two different states visiting, so the pictures I took were a little lacking as I was more focused on them.

10:53 AM: Mid-morning nap for the pooches.
11:46 AM: I may be a little too organized.
12:34 PM: The Husbear cleaned out his barn.
1:26 PM: Why does she lay like this?
2:15 PM: Sunday drinks with out of town friends.
3:09 PM: Not sure what it was, but the Husbear and gang all liked it.
3:58 PM: Happy!
4:46 PM: Waiting in line at Sonic.
5:31 PM: War Eagle bridge.
5:33 PM: War Eagle Mill.
6:26 PM: The girls outside.
6:26 PM: Luna. Back to her pre-snakebite self.

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One thought on “12 of 12, August 2018 edition

  1. Glad that you appear to be getting back to some regularity…and I’m not referring to your time in the bathroom. Dogs sprawl out on tile floors so that they can quickly cool off their undersides. 🙂

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