The Impact of 140 Characters

A human I never met in real life died Friday night. I only knew this person from the 140 characters or less he tweeted, from listening to his DJ sets, and conversing while playing “Words with Friends” with him on my iPhone.

A purely digital relationship. And as far as I know, this is the first time someone I’ve only known from online has died.

And yet, I find myself deeply impacted by his death and I feel like a friend has died.

Sam, I know you are already missed by those who were around you in real life. And after reading Greg’s letter to you, I still can’t even begin to imagine what Greg must be going through. Go read the letter if you haven’t. If it doesn’t make you feel, I don’t know what will.]

Sam, I wondered why you hadn’t tweeted in a day or two. Your quips are the stuff of legend. Then I found out you were in ICU via a tweet from another. It was difficult reading the hospital progress updates for you as they were posted at CarePages, but I was clapping for you to pull through. And you were constantly in my thoughts during that time. And when I read as it was posted that you passed away, I cried.

Sam, know that you made a lasting impact on me in 140 characters or less.

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10 thoughts on “The Impact of 140 Characters

  1. I too have been deeply effected by the loss of Sam. Digitally connected through numerous paths over the years his sudden tragic departure I am still trying to process. My heart aches for Greg. His letter was beautiful beyond words. Their love was undeniable.

    I stumbled across his blog years ago and was instantly drawn to him. I always thought we would met someday. With his travels I felt it was inevitable. “A purely digital relationship” I love that. I tried to talk to my partner and my friends about Sam but they don’t seem to understand how a “digital relationship” can effect you. I look towards the web for comfort.

    I feel sad for Sam, to only get 30 years with us. He got short changed. I feel sad for his family. Most of all I feel sad for Greg. I can’t even begin to imagine his pain. I am fortunate to have a family I like and love, friends I trust completely but my partner is my life. I would be lost without him. I need to tell him that. He needs to feel that in his soul. Always.

  2. i’m sorry for your loss. i don’t think i knew of him or followed him – the bonds we make, though cyber – are strong and unwavering.

    i’ve grown quite fond of many of my cyber friends – you included.


  3. I barely know you and I dont’ know Sam or Greg but oh my that letter …. can’t type for the tears.

    Love is so fragile.

  4. I know exactly how you feel. It affected me very deeply. I cried for 2 days and was extremely depressed for a week. Even now, after all the remembrance ceremonies are done, I still feel some pain. I got my first tattoo in his honor. I copied one of his tattoos, with Greg’s blessing… Chinese symbol for Bear right above my belly button. Now I have a permanent reminder of him. And I still clap…

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