12 of 12, July 2018 edition

The 12 of 12 Challenge was created by Chad Darnell and picked up by a number of random bloggers who linked back to him and vice versa. Chad stopped doing the 12 of 12 Challenge in December 2011, but passed the torch to someone who hasn’t kept up with it. I am giving my shout-out to Blobby of Blobby’s Blog as he is the one who initially inspired me to do the Challenge, and he still does it as well.

This is my 79th “12 of 12.” A Thursday.

8:22 AM: Letting the pups out to potty, and all they want to do is stare at me.
9:13 AM: Waiting at the orthopedic doctor’s office. Hopefully for the last time for my wrist.
10:04 AM: Still waiting selfie…
10:31 AM: Feed run at Tractor Supply.
10:55 AM: The way home.
11:35 AM: Time to mop, but milli decides she needs to supervise instead.
1:53 PM: Buffalo!
2:11 PM: History…
2:45 PM: My bestest buddy and me, out for a drive on the country back roads.
6:43 PM: Our buddy Dwayne in from Chattanooga for a visit. We miss him!
8:21 PM: Ohhhh One S, I see you there.
8:48 PM: Sunset over JBGB.

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3 thoughts on “12 of 12, July 2018 edition

  1. Glad to see that you are out and about enjoying yourself. I hope the emotional wounds are healing as quickly as the physical ones. I must say you are looking quite dapper with that well-trimmed beard. 🙂

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