12 of 12, May 2018 edition

The 12 of 12 Challenge was created by Chad Darnell and picked up by a number of random bloggers who linked back to him and vice versa. Chad stopped doing the 12 of 12 Challenge in December 2011, but passed the torch to someone who hasn’t kept up with it. I am giving my shout-out to Blobby of Blobby’s Blog as he is the one who initially inspired me to do the Challenge, and he still does it as well.

This is my 77th “12 of 12.” A Saturday.

1:05 AM: They don’t want to share the couch with me, apparently.
8:55 AM:The farmer’s market in the Bentonville square. I wasn’t going to it, just passing through.
9:42 AM:I need to replace the shower liner. Darn well water build up.
10:32 AM:A nice day to have the top off on the Jeep.
11:23 AM: One of my best friends came to visit. Well, after getting his hair cut by the Husbear next door first.
1:05 PM: Victoria starting a tattoo on a client and friend of hers.
1:56 PM: Needing to order one of these for out in front of the salon. Damn littering smokers that just throw their butts on the ground.
4:18 PM: The wisteria is finally blooming.
5:36 PM: Going for a ride.
6:26 PM: Out crossing Beaver Lake.
6:39 PM: Ran into our friends…
9:24 PM: Bar shenanigans.

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