13 Years…

For my Husbear, my closest friend:

What we have is a beautiful partnership. We’re a team, you and I.
The kind of love and friendship we share doesn’t come from just wishing.
It comes from being together 365 days a year, through good times and bad and everything in between.
You are my closest friend, my partner in life… the one I can count on and who can count on me.
Today and every day, I love having you in my life and in my heart.

After all these 4,748 days, I’m still in love with you.
Happy 13th Anniversary baby.
I love you so much.

Us, Xmas 2001.

Until next time...

21 thoughts on “13 Years…

  1. Congrats!!
    That’s awesome. My husband and I are celebrating 14 years in a few weeks and I can’t believe how the time has flown.
    Celebrate!!! 🙂

  2. Damn- y’all look so YOUNG in that pic!

    I’m glad you both found each other, an I’m jealous as all hell.

    Happy day!!

  3. So awesome! Here’s to another 13 years, and then some! It’s a rare thing, and we thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. I luv anniversaries like yours! It give an old fart hope that there may still be someone out there to spend a few good remaining years together…

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