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Seven years late

LOLcat attempt at 2001

Well, I think it’s funny….

It has been a long week and now the weekend is over. I have been sick since we returned from Dallas. Today is the first day I have remotely felt better. Remotely. Whatever I caught has kicked the crap out of me (not literally, for the most part).

Oh, and I miss my buddy…

Eric and Erik
Erik and Eric

He is dealing with some heavy things right now. I just want him to know I’m here for him.

Until next time...

Sometimes, it’s the not so little things?

Drop your pants here
Yesterday, the husbear finally got the new front-loading washer and dryer that he has been wanting for years. We have had the last “old school” set since we got together almost 11 years ago. I’m not sure how long he had them before that. It’s not that the last set quit functioning—they were just not efficient in either water usage or energy consumption.

It’s funny—he was giddy and washing everything in the house. Giddy over doing laundry!

As always, we picked them up and installed them ourselves. And in the process I did something not-so-wonderful to my back… again. Ugh.

Until next time...

Bear, or not?

TBRU banner

The Husbear and I returned home Sunday evening after being in Dallas since Thursday for TBRU (Texas Bear Round-Up). We were supposed to stay in Dallas until Monday but the husbear has been feeling under the weather since before we left, so we drove home Sunday.

Husbear passed out
The Husbear passed out on the drive home.

We attend events like this because: a) we live in the middle of nowhere; b) all the people we know live in the middle of somewhere; c) all the above. If you chose “c”, you chose wisely.

It was great to spend time with friends who live far away that were also in attendance. Overall we had a good time. The husbear always does. He is a social butterfly that loves to wander the crowd; be overly-friendly to complete strangers; and, Big Bertha only knows what (or who) else.

I am the opposite of the husbear. I’m really not one for events like this. I have a vague sense of “not fitting in” : I am not a gregarious person; I have a hard time striking up random conversations; I don’t flirt well (most of the time I don’t even know someone is flirting with me!); and, apparently I have issues with letting others in my “personal space.” All of the things that are par for the course at events of this nature. Yes—I fill the “nerd” stereotype—I’m more comfortable behind a keyboard than in a social situation.

How does one change these aspects about themselves? Do I even worry about it and just accept this is how I am? I feel like I’m a stick in the mud (no pun intended!) when I go to these things. I observe people and their interactions, but I just can’t seem to produce the same in myself.

Damned personal growth.


Until next time...