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Bears are sweet.

Clique Clack

Sean’s question to me got me thinking, and then I saw this over at Joe. My. God.:

Besides the obvious stereotypes, I don’t know that this chart is visualized correctly at least as far as the “Age” spoke is concerned. It’s probably hard to do a 3D graph in a 2D world. I also think they should include level of gregariousness as an additional spoke.

I guess I’d probably fall into the “otter” category. I really don’t know a lot of otters though. Does that mean I eat a lot of “food” on my chest. Are there otter support groups?

Where do you fall? Do you self-identify as that? Do others identify you the same? Do you typically hang out with other people in that same group?

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“Bears Don’t ‘Woof’…”

I blame bstewart23 of “This. That. No Other.” fame for this post.

It all started innocently enough. I was reading some of his old posts because I was at home ill today, and it seemed like the thing to do. I came across a video he had posted parodying the game “Mystery Date” (worth watching… go check it out… but come back!).

At the end of that video, there were some YouTube suggested videos, where I stumbled upon this, er, piece of work.

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A study in Woof!

Today is the Tidal Wave Party at Wet ‘n Wild where there will be much wet frolicking happening, or so I hope to observe.

I haven’t had any free time yet to upload any of the pictures I have taken on our trip so far. I’m actually writing this post from my cellphone on our way to Universal Studios. (No, I’m not driving.) I thought it might be a little “slower” of a trip since there are four of us this time. But not so much. If anything, it’s been busier. Non-stop travel from point-to-point for different theme parks, concerts, bars and parties. I’ll need a vacation from this vacation.

Since I haven’t uploaded anything yet, this “pre-staged” hottie will have to do.


I wonder if I will bump into him here…

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