Sometimes, it’s the not so little things?

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Yesterday, the husbear finally got the new front-loading washer and dryer that he has been wanting for years. We have had the last “old school” set since we got together almost 11 years ago. I’m not sure how long he had them before that. It’s not that the last set quit functioning—they were just not efficient in either water usage or energy consumption.

It’s funny—he was giddy and washing everything in the house. Giddy over doing laundry!

As always, we picked them up and installed them ourselves. And in the process I did something not-so-wonderful to my back… again. Ugh.

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5 thoughts on “Sometimes, it’s the not so little things?

  1. I know how he feels!!!! I watched the first 5 loads in ours. LOL

    Sorry to hear that you jacked up you back. Hope you at least came up with a good story to tell people… =)

  2. Have him come over to my house. I’ve been trying to impress TheHusband as to exactly *why* I need a pair of front loaders.

    He isn’t convinced.

  3. OOOOO I want a pair of those as well. I just purchased a new side-by-side frige with all the bells and whistles, so I will have to wait till next year for a pair of frontloaders of my own….**sigh**

    1. While I was doing the paperwork, the husbear was over LOOKING at a new side-by-side fridge. I was like, “Excuse me… but only one set of appliances per year, buddy”.

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