Monthly Archives: August 2008

On the road… literally.

We are sitting on I-10 West-bound at the moment. Traffic has been a slow 10 miles an hour so far. 10 miles out of New Orleans. 1 hour.

And now we’re at a complete stop. I think there was an accident. A wrecker and a few police cars came flying down the shoulder of the bridge.

It’s starting to get a little windy.

I wonder how much weight these bridges can hold?

Until next time...

Remind me…

Remind me to blog about how upset I am at the Husbear at the moment with the whole “mandatory evacuation” of New Orleans. I volunteered to take people to the airport in the AM, and he’s upset because he has to get up and be on the road by 8 AM. I’m not happy at the moment, and probably shouldn’t be blogging about it. But that’s where I am at the moment.

He’s not a selfish person. I just don’t think he understands what a hurricane is.

Actually, where I am at the moment is on the 7th floor of the Omni Royal Orleans hotel at the pool trying to figure my way out of NOLA in the morning. And gawd only knows where the Husbear is….

Until next time...

How think do you drunk I am?

This is what I felt like all day today after nearly finishing off a liter of Crown with my Buddy last night.

Spinning world…

I know I should be “more responsible” on a work night, but I have to prepare my liver for New Orleans.

The Husbear is already packed for our annual pilgrimage to Southern Decadence.

We were originally going to leave Wednesday night after I got off work from the GreatRetailEmpire and start the drive to New Orleans.

The Husbear is getting impatient and now wants to leave a day earlier.

I’m betting when I get off work tomorrow Tuesday] the Husbear will have everything in the car and be ready to leave….

Until next time...

It’s official…

I am now a camera-toting dork. Again.

I needed a new camera since I lost the “good” one I had during Gay Days in Florida this year. I needed a better one so I could take better pictures of my tattoo artwork. I wanted a camera so I could take pictures and document our life as we know it here. I have needs!

As if there aren’t enough options available, I wasn’t sure if I wanted another “pocket” model or a Digital SLR. Decisions, decisions.

I had a Minolta Maxxum 5000 SLR that couldn’t be pried out of my hands. All through high school and college, I was always clicking away. And I wasn’t even on the yearbook staff!

Then, I put it down when I purchased my first digital camera a decade ago. I loved the instantaneousness off the digital age: I could take and delete pictures at will; No waiting on film development; Seeing what I was getting immediately after taking it.

The combination of both an SLR and digital was very appealing. I really missed the “heft”, feel, and many lens and filter options the SLR offered. But, I didn’t want to be “that” person. You know—the “dork” walking around with the huge camera always in his hands. That’s why I was considering another pocket-sized camera. It’s also a lot easier to do other things if you can just throw your camera in your pocket and go.

But after much anguishing and some research (a lot done by Alexander in his quest as well!), I broke down and bought a new DSLR camera.

Maybe I’ll get some better pictures this year at Decadence… in four days.

Until next time...