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Political Me?

My feelings on politics as expressed in the form of bad English and a cat:

I’ve never been very “political”. But I do go vote when the polls are open. The last few years I have often wondered why. Sure, being a small business owner, there are always local items I vote for or against if I feel they affect me.

But there’s this whole “Does my vote really matter?” question that always lingers in the back of my mind. As seen in the last few national elections—and a few local ones as well that have been seriously jacked up—I am starting to wonder. I remember civics in high school. I remember all the American history and political science classes in college.

As an “adult”, I know money really makes the world go round. The greasier the palm, the faster someone’s world spins… like getting an overly lubed reach-around. I know that most of what affects me in life is never on a ballot. It’s all about precedent. I don’t know if that’s me being cynical, or just paying attention to “reality”.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

It was just a snippet of thought I had at the moment. I blame the Crown.

Would it surprise you if I said I wasn’t a great writer?

Thank you for suffering through it.

Until next time...

I so need a hug?

Ever have one of those days when you were so wound up by the end of the day you just felt the need to beat slap the shit out of someone?

Today is that day for me.

I have just been “on edge” all day today. I have felt extremely “aggressive”. Not a normal thing for me. And I have no idea why. Maybe it’s from not sleeping well the last few nights. Maybe it’s all the changes going on in my area at the GreatRetailEmpire. Maybe it’s just that time of the month?

Even as I sit here and type this, I feel that I should go run a marathon to burn off some steam.

Where’s my binkie?

Stolen from Bear Delights

Until next time...