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The Impact of 140 Characters

A human I never met in real life died Friday night. I only knew this person from the 140 characters or less he tweeted, from listening to his DJ sets, and conversing while playing “Words with Friends” with him on my iPhone.

A purely digital relationship. And as far as I know, this is the first time someone I’ve only known from online has died.

And yet, I find myself deeply impacted by his death and I feel like a friend has died.

Sam, I know you are already missed by those who were around you in real life. And after reading Greg’s letter to you, I still can’t even begin to imagine what Greg must be going through. Go read the letter if you haven’t. If it doesn’t make you feel, I don’t know what will.]

Sam, I wondered why you hadn’t tweeted in a day or two. Your quips are the stuff of legend. Then I found out you were in ICU via a tweet from another. It was difficult reading the hospital progress updates for you as they were posted at CarePages, but I was clapping for you to pull through. And you were constantly in my thoughts during that time. And when I read as it was posted that you passed away, I cried.

Sam, know that you made a lasting impact on me in 140 characters or less.

Until next time...

Every Doctor Who Theme 1963 – 2010

I love me some classic Doctor Who. It’s interesting to watch the progression of change in the themes over the years.

(Updated video embed 2013.10.10)

Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor) was my favorite Doctor, but I also loved Sylvester McCoy (the Seventh Doctor) as well. I ABSOLUTELY loved how crazy Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor) dressed. I need that outfit, with Tom Baker’s scarf.

And a kilt.

Until next time...

Up To The Roof

It’s been three months since I last blogged about the “little” construction project.

Here’s where we stand at the moment:

(click to see it on flickr)

This has pretty much consumed my weekends, and some time before work each day and after work on some days.

We’re waiting on the windows to come in (we had to custom order them). And the HardiPlank lap siding.

That will finish off the exterior of the now new addition.

Then we get to start the inside of it….

Until next time...

Hole-y Me, Batman. Twice.

I got pierced last night. Twice.

They’re kind of hiding in my goatee.

It was a most unusual sensation to be sure. It didn’t hurt. It felt like someone was pulling a hair out slowly. Which possibly could have happened since we had to go through my goatee.

This is the first thing I’ve had pierced in at least 10 years. I no longer have any of those piercings. I was never a big fan of piercings. But I have been thinking about this particular piercing for at least 4 years. I always liked how the piercing looked on David Draiman (the lead singer of Distubed).

I don’t know how well I can pull of a similar look, but I do like the talons.

Until next time...