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An Evening with CAKE

For some reason, I failed to post this sooner. But here it is now. Time is relative, after all.

Last Thursday, CAKE was here in concert at the Arkansas Music Pavilion.

There were supposed to be four of us going to see CAKE, but one had planning opportunities with work, and the other just couldn’t make up his mind about going. Luckily the fabulous GypsyBiscuit and I know how to have a great time together, so we went without them. 😉

We stopped at the Mellow Mushroom for some pre-concert munchies. Who knew plates of food could be so pretty?


Then we headed over to the Arkansas Music Pavilion, aka the AMP. It’s a funky-looking structure, isn’t it?


And here’s the fabulous GypsyBiscuit and myself:




It was a great concert. CAKE played a double show. Which was awesome! I really think they sound better live than they do on the albums, which is really saying something considering how well their albums sound.

Go see them if you get the chance.

Until next time...


The TARDIS is a Transformer? Or the Transformer is a TARDIS? Either way, I want one. Someone needs to make this toy happen. Now. I’ll buy 5!

Oh, and if someone can point me in the direction of where I can find a reprint of this shirt in a large, I’ll love you long time. Maybe twice!

(And if you’re a Doctor Who fan, you can find some awesome shirts here.)

Until next time...