I think it all started on Monday. I woke up feeling… off. Like “medicine head” off. It cleared up for the most part by the afternoon, so I headed out for the usual Monday Beveraging with my buddies. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling nauseous. Not hangover nauseous, because I didn’t drink that much. More than normal.

We headed to Tulsa to do a little shopping with our buddy Dwayne. I was miserable the entire two hour drive over. When we got there, I really didn’t feel good. I got sick in the restroom there a couple of times. Let me tell you how pleasant it is vomiting in a public toilet. *shudder*

I recovered enough for us to finish our shopping. Because I really didn’t want to spoil the trip for everyone. We decided to grab some food, as we thought that might help a little. I think I ate one bite of my French Toast and a bite of bacon. I was done. I went and laid down in the truck while the Husbear and Dwayne finished their lunch. Then we headed back home.

The entire two hour ride home I had to mentally will myself to not vomit. You know that salivating thing you sometimes do before you hurl? Yep. Two hours of that. So not pleasant.

We got home. And I laid down. Or attempted to. It wasn’t long before I felt the urge to puke hit. Which I did. In the bathroom. For a good 5 minutes or so. The Husbear made sure I was okay. I think he was upset that i might have been crying a little. I think. Then I wandered deliriously back to bed.

About 1.5 hours later: rinse, lather, repeat. Massively. I’m not sure where all that food came from, as I sure hadn’t eaten that much in the last two days.

The nausea subsided for the most part after that.

And then the cramping started. All night long, every few minutes, I felt like someone was punching me in the side. My left side. Over and over.

I didn’t go to the studio today, and had to reschedule all my appointments. I hate having to do that. It makes me feel like a bad person, even though I know it’s out of my control.

I’m still cramping. As I lay here in bed typing this I feel bloated to the point of popping.

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this, other than if this is how I’m going to go out, you should know I’m not happy about it.

Until next time...

20 thoughts on “Bloatware

    1. Thank you. It definitely hasn’t been pleasant. I’m still not better, but I’m better than before. And I’ve downed enough Pedialyte to keep an African village healthy.

  1. Wow, I hope you feel better soon.

    Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur
    happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr

  2. when we hurt or feel bad, it is good to share it, as the comfort of others still is good.
    “To cure sometimes, to comfort always” is an old doctor’s motto.

  3. Urg. So sorry! 🙁 . I’d rather pull my fingernails off than puke. I wish I could make it better.

    But seriously, keep an eye on this – if it doesn’t subside soon, seek medical advice. Clogged bowels are nothing to sneeze at and can become serious very fast. We’ve had more than one episode at our house …

    1. I feel the same ways. I’d rather drive bamboo shoots under my fingernails than vomit. Ugh.

      I’ve definitely not had a problem at this point out of either end. Just some weird cramping pain in the lower abdomen. Which has mostly passed. I still get a little gut punch every couple hours, but less and less.

  4. You have a sympathetic ear, here, when it comes to digestive woes. Sounds awful. Hope you’re feeling better by now 🙁

  5. HOpe you are feeling better. And I know full well about vomiting in public.

    One word: splashback.

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